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Permanent Christmas Lighting

Let Your Lighting Shine All Year Long

The holiday season often means breaking out the ladder and untangling lights. A daunting task to goHouse lit up with green and red Christmas lights through every year. When the season is over, you have to get the ladder out once more and tear everything down, store it, and hope everything will work the following year. There's a better solution than the yearly process of hanging holiday lighting. Install permanent Christmas lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville and use your lights for all year long for any occasion!

The Ease of Finding Permanent Holiday Lights Near Me

If you're considering installing permanent holiday lights but are worried about the logistics, there's an easy solution. Simply search for "Permanent Holiday Lights Near Me," and you'll discover that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville is your local expert for the task. By working with an esteemed local lighting expert like us, you are opting into prompt services and professional installations that you are sure to enjoy. Plus, you'll get the benefit of localized expertise, tailored to meet the unique architectural and environmental characteristics of your home. Every lighting installation is a cohesive project, and we’re here to deliver your ideal holiday lighting experience! It's all about getting top-notch, responsive permanent holiday lighting near you, without the hassle.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has two decades of lighting experience. Let us design the perfect lighting system for your outdoor spaces. Take a look at OLP Jacksonville's reviews to see what we can do for you before downloading your free outdoor lighting design guide. Learn what outdoor lighting services we can provide for you and learn how professionally designed and installed lighting can add safety, security, and unlock the beauty of your home after dark.

Gemstone Lights are Here in Jacksonville!Gemstone Lights logo

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville is an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights®. These stunning lights feature a wide range of impressive features that will put the power squarely in your hands. With a few taps on your smart device, you can go from holiday spectacular to customized architectural lighting from the comfort of your couch. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville is the exclusive Gemstone Lights® dealer in Northeast Florida and the Jacksonville area and is proud to provide you with these stunning displays. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about Gemstone Lights® for your property!

Permanent Eave Lights

Installing permanent eave lights provides several benefits compared to annually hung holiday lighting. First,house lit up in white lighting you do not have to worry about hanging clips, whether from your gutters or from your roof's edge. Trying to juggle the clips, the lights, and any tools required is just a hassle.

Second, with your permanent holiday lighting hung from the eave or soffit of your roof, your roof aids in protecting them from the elements. Though all of our fixtures feature weatherproof connections, additional protections are always beneficial. There's an added perk of removing the connections from reach of squirrels or other wildlife that frequently chew on cords.

Third, your light fixtures will take up less space and will not get in the way should your roof or gutters need to be worked on. These are just a few advantages of using lighting in your eave space.

Architectural Lighting Between the Seasons

When there are no holidays to decorate, you can customize your permanent Christmas lighting to light uphouse lit up in pink lighting only the lights you wish. Or choose from a variety of patterns to give your home a unique appearance. Gemstone Lights® are entirely customizable on what lights you wish to have on, colors, tones, and even automatic power options based on your sunrise and sunset times.

Permanent Soffit Lights

While you may think these are an excellent replacement for the annual installation and take-down ofhouse lit up in blue lighting holiday lights, they also can supplement traditional landscape lighting. With the below benefits and features, you can't go wrong when you choose permanent soffit lighting.

  • Put up the same lights for every celebration.
  • Make use of landscape lighting as well!
  • Easy to use Android and iOS app
  • Lighting can be dimmed and can be any hue you like.
  • It's everything under your control. Turn on only the lights you want.
  • Automate your lighting with multiple timers and preset schedules.
  • Save your favorite settings for reuse later.
  • No more risking your life on shaky ladders while untangling Christmas lights.

Are you ready to add permanent Christmas lighting to your home? We are excited to meet you and show you the endless possibilities. Contact usonline or give us a call today at (904) 441-5987 to get your free consultation. We can't wait to help design the perfect permanent Christmas lighting design for your Jacksonville home.

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