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St. Johns’ Landscape Lighting Company Makes Your New House a Home with a Brilliant Customized Outdoor Lighting System

Did you just build a new home or move into a new construction neighborhood? If so, you might be working to prioritize the touches you can put on your house to make it a home. Your home. Along with moving in your personal possessions, hanging photos and art, and lining the mantel with your favorite tchotchke, we recommend you consider the outside of your home. Is it safe? Is it inviting? Do you feel secure? A brand new, custom-designed outdoor lighting system is a cost-effective addition to achieve all those things and more! residential lighting

Outdoor Lighting Systems for New Houses

From paint to landscaping, to installing decks, pools, patios, and screen enclosures, all the features that make your house yours, are added costs to the home building process. That being said, a new home is meant to be lived in, so you don’t have to tackle all these projects at once. When choosing where to begin, we suggest you start from the outdoors and work your way indoors.

An important way to make yourself feel at home, is by making your house and property feel safe and secure. Outdoor lighting checks both boxes as well as adding warm curb appeal and nighttime function to your outdoor living spaces. Consider these options:

St. Johns Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a fantastic option to add clear visibility to your property at night. While the lighting highlights your gorgeous new landscape features, it allows you to see around your new property at night. You’ll enjoy added security, as visibility is a top factor in deterring would-be criminals. While guests, friends, neighbors, and passersby enjoy the beautiful view of your shrubs, flowers, trees, and new home, you’ll enjoy the subtle security benefits. landscape lighting

St. Johns Path Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, path lighting is a top product for our new construction homeowners. Moving into a new home means getting used to the property layout, where your new landscape features are, the slope of the yard, and navigating the walkways from your home to the driveway and maybe to the sidewalk to take pets out after dark. Our gorgeous solid copper or brass path lights provide sure footing for every step you take, while also beautifying your property at night.

St. Johns Patio Lighting

tree lightingEnjoy your new home to its fullest by illuminating your outdoor living spaces! Patio lighting, deck lighting, and pool lighting can all make your new backyard as functional as possible. You’ll be the preferred host for weekend cookouts with friends and family when they know the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets.

With a fully customized St. Johns outdoor lighting system, your new house will truly become that beloved home you’ve been dreaming of. Call today to schedule a design consultation – our team looks forward to working with you.