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Jacksonville Neighborhood Entry Lighting Makes The Carlton Shine at Night as Much as it Does During the Day

Neighborhood desirability is a vital key to growing home values. Attractive entries are the first impression, making landscaping and lighting essential.

sign lighting Our team had the pleasure of providing neighborhood outdoor lighting for The Carlton at Bartram Park in Jacksonville. It all started when a competitor who installed Phase One of a lighting project repeatedly failed to respond to a request for service. We received the call from their on-site property manager to work on some lights and add more fixtures to the current system. Our quick response time, professional communication, and quality products landed us the service project, which led to a no-bid contract for the entire Phase Two of the apartment complex’s new outdoor lighting.

Jacksonville Commercial Outdoor Lighting

We started with a lighting design consultation. The Esterline Construction company project manager provided landscape design documents in PDF format and walked our design team through Phase 1 to provide context for Phase 2. We then walked Phase 2 to discuss locations and determine infrastructure and electrical needs for our work. We provided an estimate along with our lighting design (overlaying on their landscape plans) for review and consideration. Contract documents were reviewed, and our business and insurance documents were presented and approved. The initial project scope was 100 in-ground light fixtures and 25 light poles. With change orders and additions by the client, the final project included 150+ in-ground lights, twelve hardscape lights, and over 30 light poles.

We focused lighting on signage, entries, street-side fence columns, large landscape elements such as palm trees across the property, the clubhouse structure, and common areas like the pool and barbeque stations. Our installation technicians worked on the project as construction and occupancy opened up throughout the building phases until the property was complete. The project timeline stretched from May through December of 2018. Check out the details and results below.

sign lighting

Jacksonville Neighborhood Entry Sign Lighting

Your neighborhood entrance is the very first impression you make to potential buyers and lessees. And they look at it as a first impression for their friends and guests. Make sure your efforts for a beautiful sign and landscaping are reflected with proper nighttime illumination. Entry sign lighting made The Carlton at Bartram Park neighborhood easy to discover at night while allowing the beauty of the community to shine through after dark.

palm tree lighting

Palm Tree Lighting

Palm trees provide the desirable Florida vibe in common areas of many neighborhoods. They also are a brilliant focal point for community landscape lighting that will help make a neighborhood attractive and safe at night. The Carlton features palm trees along the streets, around the pool, the entryway, and around the clubhouse. They are the anchor for our lighting design and certainly deserve the attention they now receive at night.

seating lighting

Jacksonville Community Pool Lighting

The amenities offered by your neighborhood are almost as important as the dwellings themselves. When we install pool lighting and pool patio lighting for the common areas of a neighborhood like The Carlton, it provides tremendous value to the residents as they look to unwind and maximize the use of the amenities – even after dark. We focused on the stunning trees to provide ambient lighting around the entire space, which allows relaxing, unwinding, cooking, and eating around the pool with friends and neighbors.

pool lighting

Clubhouse Lighting

The neighborhood clubhouse at The Carlton is the center of the community. Not only can it host special events, but it provides a backdrop for meeting neighbors, making new friends, and even entertaining existing friends and family. There is nothing like when a community comes together, and with the addition of outdoor lighting around the clubhouse, these occasions won’t rely on daylight.

Whether you’re a project manager on a new community, an HOA president, or a resident who wants to illuminate your neighborhood better, call our team today for a consultation. We are happy to provide bids and estimates for you to present to your members.