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6 Reasons for Adding Outdoor Bar Lights to Your Jacksonville Area Home or Business

Everyone loves a poolside or patio outdoor bar. With no need to track back and forth indoors for beverages – it allows more time for fun. But, how functional is an outdoor bar without outdoor bar lights? Whether you’ve built-out your backyard entertaining area to feature an outdoor bar or your business hosts guests at an outdoor bar, you have to consider professionally designed and installed outdoor bar lights. Check out these top reasons to add outdoor bar lights to your property:

Increase Lucrative Bar Sales

Popular bars can get crowded on Friday and Saturday nights. So crowded, in fact, that you can find your bar two or three people deep trying to order their next drink. This can severely deter the order of the next drink and also limits your capacity to fulfill those orders.

With outdoor bar lights at your outdoor bar, you can serve an entire crowd outdoors. They won’t have to go in to order a drink, they won’t have to wait as long to order it, and you can double your drink sales for the night. outdoor lighting

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment on the patio at local bars, restaurants, and other hospitality venues is a must. If you’ve attracted a crowd with yours, don’t make them miss part of the show to order a drink. With outdoor bar lights, you can keep a stocked bar outdoors that can run as late as the entertainment can perform. (And later.)


Outdoors is safer than indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fact affects both residential properties and businesses. Make sure your visitors and patrons feel that extra level of safety with the open air by adding outdoor bar lights to your home or business.

The Big Game

You’ve gone to all the trouble of installing an outdoor TV for the big game. And there is no better way to enjoy it with friends and family than on the deck or patio. But when it comes to night games, is your outdoor bar up to the task? Add under counter lighting, task lighting, and more, so your buds don’t have to miss the biggest play of the game because they were grabbing another drink out of the fridge indoors. (and say goodbye to dealing with ice and coolers everywhere.) poolside lighting

Summer Pool Parties

We’ve all done it, made home décor decisions designed around the traffic flow coming and going from the pool. While we can’t help you with the necessary wet kid tracking through to the bathroom, we can limit the wet visitors coming in for a drink or a snack. Even at night! When it comes to pool parties, night swims are par for the course. Make sure you keep the party poolside as much as possible with a well lit outdoor bar. Our outdoor bar lights will allow your party-goers to keep their cold beverages (even if that is juice and lemonade) full and their snacks easily accessible.

Nighttime is the Right Time for Some Cocktails

So – we wanted to insert a joke here, something about changing your day drinking habits by installing outdoor bar lights. However, afternoons on the patio deserve a fresh, cold one too! However, nighttime is the best time to have a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail with friends and family. If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing an outdoor bar at your home, add outdoor bar lights too! They will allow you to extend the practical use of the feature well past dark, all year long! bar lighting under table

Jacksonville Outdoor Bar Lights Installed by the Pros

Have we convinced you? If not, how about if we entice you with the types of outdoor bar lights you can enjoy when you hire our expert outdoor lighting team. The favorite, by far, is our overhead string lights. Not only do they add a subtle glow to the whole space, but they also add instant fun. Moreover, suppose you are adding outdoor bar lights to your home. In that case, that means mimicking your favorite outdoor eatery for a remarkable at-home entertaining space.

We can install gorgeous hardscape lights under your countertops, task lights overhead, specialized pendant lighting, or any other outdoor lighting you desire for your outdoor bar. Call our team today to schedule a design consultation. Our goal is to meet your specific needs, and we have access to all the lights that can make that happen.