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Seven Jacksonville Backyard Ideas for the Best Post-Pandemic Outdoor Entertaining

It has been a long year enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. As we begin to see the case numbers come down and more friends and family feel comfortable spending time together – many of us are eager to host gatherings. The love of outdoor living and entertaining is stronger than ever. Many homeowners spent the pandemic refreshing their decks, patios, pools, and landscapes. Did you? Whether you have already constructed a new outdoor living space or not, read our seven backyard ideas for fantastic post-pandemic outdoor entertaining.

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Create/Renovate/Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

If you were not in the group tackling an outdoor project during quarantine, now is the time! Upgrade your entertaining space with more features or new materials by calling Jacksonville’s outdoor living experts at Construction Specialties of North Florida. From hardscapes and outdoor kitchens to pergolas and screen enclosures, count on their team to create your dream backyard.

Patio Furniture and Fabrics

Today’s outdoor lifestyle requires the comforts of the indoors. Now is a great time to update your patio furniture with a comfortable couch or lounge chairs from Florida Backyard. Don’t forget the pillows, throws, and outdoor rugs to soften the space and make it even cozier.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Just because you want to be outdoors doesn’t mean you have to forgo the big game or the latest episode of your favorite show. Adding televisions and audio systems to outdoor living spaces have become a must. Suppose you can tuck a television up under your patio roof, protected from the elements. In that case, you can go with a standard T.V. or choose one of the outdoor-grade televisions for better weather resistance.

Bonus: With an outdoor entertaining system, you will have an entirely new reason to host gatherings. Focus your “framily” time around sporting events, movie nights, or a weekly viewing party of your favorite series.

Hire a Mosquito Control Company

When hosting family and friends, don’t limit the outdoor fun to the screen enclosure or daytime hours. Hire the mosquito control experts at Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for enjoying the entire yard both day and night. The Squad offers regular mosquito treatments, mosquito misting systems, and more. Mosquito Squad can even help reduce other annoying pests like no-see-ums, fleas, and fire ants.

Landscape Design Update and Renovation

Don’t stop at your outdoor entertaining spaces. Consider the entire property as having a hand in setting the scene for outdoor fun. An update to your landscape can change the entire scene. Eager to add new palm trees, new flower beds, trim the trees, or remove that old overgrown shrub? Give A1A Lawn Services a call for landscape design and maintenance, tree services, and lawn care.

Healthy Lawns Require Precise Irrigation

Your new landscape shouldn’t require constant attention to keep it healthy and alive. We recommend a new efficient SMART irrigation system from Conserva Irrigation of Northeast Florida. Their expert irrigation technicians are focused on efficiency to save water and you money while automatically maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape. If you already have an irrigation system, they can make it smarter for better efficiency through their maintenance and upgrade programs. They also offer drip irrigation and micro-drip irrigation to keep your flowerbeds and potted plants healthy.

Magical Outdoor Lighting

You’ve created an unforgettably beautiful and functional outdoor living space surrounded by a gorgeous landscape. Now, you need to add the lights.

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There is no reason to limit the enjoyment of your beautiful space to daylight hours. Say goodbye to that blinding floodlight on the corner of the house, and say YES to stunning, subtle landscape lighting.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, we’ll customize an LED outdoor lighting system to highlight all the beautiful features of your property. We’ll focus on how and when you use your outdoor spaces to make sure you get the beauty and the function. We will deploy a combination of path lighting, pool lighting, hardscape lighting, tree lighting, dock lighting, and even festive overhead string lights to make magic happen every night at your home.

We hope you are able to enjoy quality time with your friends, family, and neighbors this summer and beyond. And while no one can predict what will happen next, we can make sure your outdoor sanctuary is there for you to enjoy no matter the trajectory of the pandemic. Call our team today to schedule your free lighting design demonstration. We look forward to working with you.