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Jacksonville Colored Landscape Lighting Creates Festive Fun in a Rainbow of Options

Sometimes (if not all the time), life demands a little bit more color. While classic white LED landscape lighting offers a sophisticated glow, some occasions require bold drama! But, you don’t have to choose one or the other. With today’s RGB LED landscape lighting, you can enjoy classic neutral whites or, with the touch of your smartphone, go all out in whatever color scheme you desire. Colored landscape lighting is growing in popularity. Check out all the reasons why color-changing LEDs are an excellent choice.

colored lightsColor-changing Landscape Lights for Homes

Do you just LOVE decorating for every season and every holiday? You could make it easier with our color-changing LED landscape lighting. Change your landscape lighting colors with a few taps on your smartphone OR you can even schedule the colors to change on a specific day for a set period of time.

  • Choose a combination of orange, red, green, or purple for a haunted Halloween.
  • Combine alternating red and green for Christmas.
  • Go with teal and gold to show your team spirit for the Jaguars during football season.
  • Select red and blue for Memorial Day and July 4th.
  • Or designate the color-changing lights to shine in someone’s favorite color for their birthday.

Our color-changing lights are available in durable brass and aluminum. So not only do you get color fun, but you get the durable, long-lasting fixtures too!

commerical lighting colorsColor-changing Landscape Lights for Businesses

Our color-changing LED outdoor lighting systems are perfect for commercial properties. Picture your building illuminated with your brand’s colors!

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are getting more involved in local celebrations, holiday cheer, and charitable causes. An easy way to show support for the current event is to illuminate your building, landscape, fountains, or outdoor space in the colors of the day.

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, you don’t have to be a towering skyscraper to show your love to the world.

In addition to holiday color schemes, check out these ideas for your color-changing landscape lights to support various causes you support:

  • Teal in September for ovarian cancer awareness.
  • Red in February for heart disease awareness.
  • Rainbows in June during Pride month.
  • Purple in November to support Alzheimer’s research.

If your interested in adding a bit of fun, flair and festivity to your landscape lighting system, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville today! We look forward to helping you spread holiday cheer, and awareness to the causes you hold dear with beautiful color-changing LED outdoor lighting.