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Let your light shine with Jacksonville palm tree lighting

Palm trees are the ultimate accouterment to a tropically landscaped home. Whether dramatic and statuesque or humbly understated, palm trees are decorative additions to any Jacksonville landscape. They can be even more beautiful at night!

The thing about palm tree lighting is that every part of the tree offers itself to being dramatically lit. As a matter of fact, as your palm trees grow, they evolve aesthetically – meaning that your palm tree lighting will reveal an ever-changing focal point. Whether trunks are smooth or shedding, Jacksonville palm tree lighting will make your trees neighborhood stand-outs! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville can illuminate your palm trees, no matter their height – from the ground, all the way up to their frond canopies!

palm trees and house illuminated

Jacksonville palm tree lighting isn’t just about light

Everything good in life is a result of proper balance. The same could be said for outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville’s lighting solutions produce proper light, but it’s also about shadow. You cannot have one without the other, and it can be said that the shadow is as important for proper lighting as the light itself. Our professional lighting techniques and expert palm tree lighting installation will produce the precise amount of light beam spread and resulting shadow to make your property a show-stopper at night!

backyard with palm trees and pools illuminated

Landscape palm tree lighting

If your landscaping design includes small palm plants, they too, are fantastic venues for lighting. If your landscaping theme includes any sort of tree or palm, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can create an imaginative lighting design to show it in the best possible light. Our landscape and tree lighting are customized to each home and property, with no two lighting designs being the same. Express yourself with custom landscaping, and let us show you how to make it great at night with the perfect Jacksonville landscape lighting design!

front yard , trees, and plants illuminated with outdoor lighting

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville to discuss your custom palm tree lighting design. Give us a call at 904-373-9862 and speak with a team member today. We look forward to hearing from you!