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Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting will have your neighbors green with envy

Every neighborhood has one. One home, which has the best lawn and landscaping. One home, which looks beautiful day and night, because it has a professional landscape lighting design. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville wants your home to be that home!

landscape lighting on palm trees at sunset  Would you love to be the home that is the showcase of the neighborhood at night? How satisfying it would be to really show off your professional landscape design, even when the sun goes down. With professionally designed and installed landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, your home will shine brightly in your community. Your neighbors will be palm frond green with envy!

Bold and beautiful landscape lighting begins with a professional design.

What sets our lighting apart is not just in the high-quality LED outdoor lighting fixtures. Our trained and experienced landscape lighting designers really know their business. No matter the size or design of your landscaping, they will create a lighting design that shows it in its best light. They know which elements in any yard require more or less light to make them look their sharpest after dark. They know that paved or stone pathways will be safer with path lights. They know that palm trees really shine with bold up-lighting. They know that your home’s façade deserves accent lighting to show off architectural elements.

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to stop in front of your home.

landscape planter with lighting and illumination at night time Another thing our professional landscape lighting designers know is that backyards shine bright with a professional lighting design too! Your lighting design doesn’t have to stop at your home’s façade and front yard. We’ll create an outdoor lighting design that encompasses your entire yard, including lighting oft-missed areas, such as side-entrances and paths between the front and back of your home.

Great landscape lighting doesn’t end with professional installation.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is pleased to offer expert design and installation – it’s where we hang our hats! But did you know that our service doesn’t stop with the installation? We are pleased to offer an annual landscape lighting maintenance plan. This plan will give you peace of mind, knowing that if repairs or adjustments are ever necessary, we’ll make your call a priority. Each year, we will fully inspect your lighting system – checking switches and transformers, adjusting fixtures, re-burying wiring, and more! All of this is included in our annual maintenance plan.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville to discuss your professional landscape lighting design and installation. Give us a call at 904-373-9862 and speak with a team member today. We look forward to hearing from you!