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Three Questions to Ask Your Amelia Island Outdoor Lighting Company

Your Amelia Island outdoor lighting can radically transform your property with a nighttime look that will leave you loving your home while keeping your family and guest more safe and secure. The outdoor lighting professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville will elevate the look and feel of your Amelia Island home. With a free light demonstration, what do you have to lose by calling us and scheduling a free consultation from our professional landscape, pool, and patio lighting design team.

The first question is How Experienced is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville?

That is a great question! The last thing you want is some fly-by-night company coming in and doing poor quality work with sub-standard fixtures that will only leave you with a giant headache and costly repair bills down the road. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville has been serving Amelia Island and Greater Jacksonville for years. Our work is guaranteed and our reviews from our neighbors attest to the quality of work and professional service we consistently provide. We are a full-service outdoor lighting company that can walk you through the entire process from design to on-going maintenance.

Second Question…What is a Full-Service Outdoor Lighting Company?

Simply…we do it all. When you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, you can rest easy that is the best and the only phone you will need to make. As a complete turn-key company we can provide you all the services you need to get the outdoor, landscape, pool, patio and path lighting you want for your residential or commercial property. Even if you have existing lighting, we can still upgrade and retrofit your system to give you energy-efficient and cost-saving LED lighting for your Amelia Island outdoor lighting.

Third Question…What is the Quality of Your Amelia Island Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

We understand that every home or business owner wants excellent high-quality light fixtures. The last thing you want is to invest in design and installation only to have poorly made fixtures that quickly break and stop working. We also understand the importance of having fixtures that look great now and in the future. At OLP Jacksonville, we feature brass and copper lighting fixtures that will not peel from the hot sun or break like the plastic and aluminum fixtures we see in many outdoor lighting designs. The brass and copper fixtures we specialize in look great on day one when we install them and continue to look better as time passes when they begin to create an amazing patina.

Ready to learn more about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville? Give us a call and schedule your free nighttime demonstration for your Amelia Island outdoor lighting.