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Save Money & Headaches with an Annual Maintenance Plan

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville

With the changing seasons, now is a great opportunity to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville at (904) 342-6040 to schedule a check-up of your Jacksonville outdoor lighting. With time your lighting system can need readjusting if you are seeing fixtures that have been knocked around from mowing or different activities or the lens of your bulbs can become clouded thus keeping you and your family from enjoying the full array of light. Sometimes wiring can be exposed or your auto timers need to be reset. Eliminate the headache and potential danger of trying to fix it yourself and make one simple phone call to your local and trusted Jacksonville outdoor, landscape, patio, pool, path lighting experts.

We Service All Outdoor Lighting Systems

man installing outdoor lighting fixture The warmer months are just around the corner. The growing season will see longer days and an increase in the growth of your landscaping, so now truly is the perfect time to have all of your landscape lights in perfect working order. Our team of certified lighting technicians will come to your home and replace any burned out bulbs and even trim back any vegetation that may be blocking your lights since our last visit to your property. If you are a new customer, then we have an Annual Service Plan that is included with every system install that we do. If you already have a system, don’t worry, we have very affordable maintenance plans that you can purchase to ensure peace-of-mind with a properly working outdoor lighting system. The best part is we offer our plans and services to everyone with outdoor lighting, regardless if we installed your system or not. We have you covered and protected anytime you call us for service.

Why Should You Get an Annual Maintenance Plan?

we service other systems badge Prevention is key in lowering your risk of potentially costly repairs. Our annual maintenance plan will help to eliminate major problems before they arise. Your lights are workhorses providing light, beauty, safety and security night after night. Many times, property owners will not give much thought to the maintenance until there is a major problem. These major problems can mean major expenses as well. Why take the chance? Save yourself the trouble and money with an annual maintenance plan from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville. Our plans help to simplify your life while extending the life and beauty that your Jacksonville outdoor lighting provides.

Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville a call today at (904) 342-6040 or email us and speak with one of our team members about the many benefits of an annual maintenance plan for your Greater Jacksonville outdoor lighting system.