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Auto-Control Outdoor Lighting System Control From OLP Jacksonville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Specializes in One-Touch Control for Your Entire Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting System

Imagine knowing that wherever you or whatever you are doing that you always have control of your Jacksonville outdoor lighting system either at the touch of your finger or through a preset controller. It is true, every one of our landscape, pool, path, patio, and outdoor lighting designs are created using two top-of-the-line controllers that make using your simple easy as ever, even for the most technologically challenged.

Home automation has arrived. Nowadays you can have options to control just about everything in your home from either a preset device or through your smartphone. It really is incredible what you can safely do now to make operating your home more easy and stress-free than ever. Your Jacksonville outdoor lighting is no exception. We proudly specialize in two types of controllers to help simplify your life and to ensure that your lights operate when and how you want every night. We believe automation is critical to giving you the best and most complete light scheme to help your property shine. This includes connecting your porch lighting, carriage lights, and exterior garage lights all under one system. Often times homeowners forget to turn on these lights leaving an incomplete picture of their property. Light controller automation eliminates the forgetful dark spots that could occur.

Do you want to learn more about how light controls and how we can transform your property to be the showcase of the neighborhood? No problem, give us a call at (904) 342-6040 to speak with one of certified lighting design technicians about how you can give you a beautiful nightscape with the ease of simple to use lighting controllers.

We Feature Intermatic & Meross Controllers for Your Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting

People today want an easy to use, safe, and secure way to control the major systems of their home through their smartphone or preset controller. For many this makes perfect sense, we are busy with a lot going on in our lives and to be able to pull out your smartphone to control every aspect of your outdoor lighting is a dream come true for many.

Meross Lighting Control Systems

The Meross Lighting Control system affords every property owner the ability to control their entire lighting design from an easy-to-use app on their smartphone. Through advanced technology, Meross puts you in complete control of your system regardless of where you are. Meross allows you to connect all of your lights both inside and out through communication with every major home automation service such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or any IFTTT compatible service.

Intermatic Lighting Control Systems

Another terrific option we offer is the Intermatic Lighting Control system. Intermatic can be operated both manually and digitally allowing every property owner to preset exactly which outdoor lights they want to be turned on and off at the exact times they want. It truly is a set it & forget it system allowing you to be free to do the things you want to be doing rather than remembering to turn on or off your outdoor lights. Intermatic also offers an astronomical timing feature that accounts for the sun placement in the sky year-round at your specific geographical location in order to precisely and automatically control your lights protecting you from wasting a dime of energy through our low-voltage LED light systems.

Ready to Learn More About Your Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting Control?

Whether you choose the Meross or the Intermatic lighting controls, we can integrate your entire system with the ability to give you pinpoint management of your lights. For more information call us at (904) 342-6040 or email us at our office today. We welcome the opportunity to help you bring your home and Jacksonville outdoor lighting system into the modern age.