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Celebrating Christmas in July with permanent Christmas lighting.

Believe it or not, scheduling your permanent Christmas lighting design consultation and its subsequent installation date is one of the smartest pre-holiday moves you can make.  Reminiscent of the film starring Ellen Drew and Dick Powell – and yes, you're too young to remember them (Ha Ha) – Christmas In July is an excellent reminder that July is the best time to make plans for your permanent Christmas lighting.

Scheduling Christmas In July Permanent Christmas Lighting Installations Means No Bad News Late In The Year

Surely you've heard the saying, "You Snooze, You Lose." Well, that sob story can be avoided right now by scheduling your permanent Christmas lighting this month, hence "Christmas in July."  If you wait until later in the year, we may not be able to accommodate your request for a custom Christmas lighting design consultation as our calendar fills up quickly as summer draws to a close.

Have Your Permanent Christmas Lighting Installed Once And Enjoy It Forever

The holiday season often means breaking out the ladder and untangling scads of Christmas lights. And untangling bulbs. And testing them all to see which ones need to be replaced. What a mess.

It's a daunting task to go through every year. When the season is over, you have to get the ladder out once more and tear everything down, store it, and hope everything will work the following year.  There's a better solution than the yearly process of you hanging holiday lighting. It's Christmas In July from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.  Have our lighting design experts install permanent Christmas lighting now and use your lights in Jacksonville all year long for any occasion!

One Permanent Christmas Lighting Consultation And Installation Yields Years Of Colorful Holiday Celebrations

It's kind of like Elf magic.

Holiday Lighting JacksonvilleOur crackerjack Christmas in July permanent Christmas lighting team can now custom design and install the ultimate holiday lighting experience for your home exterior and landscape regardless of what holiday you wish to celebrate.  One installation does it all, with changeable, vibrant colors you can switch in a moment. Enjoy a virtual rainbow of color choices from rich reds, gorgeous greens, ochre golds, vivid oranges, and every color hue in between.

Celebrate Every Holiday With Color-Changing Landscape Lighting

If you're like us, you enjoy decorating your home for every holiday of the year – not just Christmas. Our permanent color-changing lights allow you to celebrate all the holidays and special occasions year-round.

Unlike other holiday lighting installations, our color-changing lights are permanent fixtures on your property that you control with your phone. When they aren't set to celebrate, they will provide a warm, beautiful light highlighting your home's façade and landscape.  And, with the touch of a few buttons, your home will start spreading cheer for the entire neighborhood! Controlled via your smartphone, your Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor lighting can be ready for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July, or special celebrations like birthday parties and sporting events – the possibilities are endless.  You can even schedule your lights to change color on set dates and return to the warm white in-between occasions. How cool is that?!

Permanent Christmas Lighting For Your Home, As Well As For Your Business

Our permanent color-changing light installations aren't only for residential properties. They are great for commercial and hospitality properties as well. Welcome your guests and clients all year round with warm architectural and landscape lighting, but make it pop for the holidays and special events.

Our Permanent Colored Landscape Lighting Includes:Holiday Christmas Lights

  • Stunning full-color LED lighting options with rich color saturation
  • Full brightness and temperature control to achieve the effects you desire
  • Durable and impeccably crafted brass and aluminum fixtures
  • State-of-the-art Smartphone app controls
  • Simplified Wi-Fi home automation

Why Is Permanent Christmas Lighting My Best Investment?

Having Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville install permanent holiday lights provides several benefits compared to annually hung holiday lighting.  First, you do not have to worry about hanging clips, whether from your gutters or from your roof's edge. Trying to juggle the clips, the lights, and any tools required is just a hassle. Wouldn't it be a relief to finally get rid of that task year after year?  Second, with your permanent holiday lighting hung from the eaves or soffit of your roof, your roof aids in protecting them from the elements. Though all of our fixtures boast weatherproof connections, additional protections are always beneficial. There's an added perk of removing the connections from the reach of squirrels and other wildlife that frequently chew on cords.  Third, your light fixtures will take up less space and will not get in the way should your roof or gutters need to be cleaned or repaired. These are just a few advantages of using lighting in your eave space.

When there are no holidays to decorate, you can customize your permanent Christmas lighting to light up only the lights you wish. Or choose from a variety of patterns to give your home a unique appearance. Our permanent Christmas lighting system is entirely customizable for what lights you wish to have on, colors, tones, and even automatic power options based on your sunrise and sunset times. It's this unique offering and our exclusive process that make it all so wonderful to enjoy.

Christmas lights in JacksonvilleAre You Excited And Ready For Christmas In July And To Add Some Permanent Christmas Lighting To Your Home?

Well, we are; and we are excited for you and the endless possibilities that go along with it. Just think, you can have some beautiful lighting for every holiday. Give us a call right away at (904) 441-5987 to get the process started. We don't want you to miss out on getting your holiday lighting up before Christmas is here.

Not near your phone? No worries. Just click here, and we can connect right now.

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