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Jacksonville Pool Cage Lighting

All across Florida, pool cages and screened pool enclosures provide the perfect protection from insects and debris, keeping them out of your personal oasis. Not only do these outdoor structures help reduce the time it takes to clean your pool, but you’ll be able to use your pool at a moment’s notice and swim as long as you wish. But when the sun sets, don’t be forced to end your swim but call on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to provide the perfect Jacksonville pool cage lighting.

Increased Safety with Jacksonville Pool Cage Lighting

Screened pool enclosures are great for providing security for your pool. Not only do they keep critters and pets from having access when looking for a drink of water, but children are kept secure from your pool until they can be safely supervised. For lighting the interior of your pool enclosure, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers custom-designed lighting solutions that include Jacksonville pool cage lighting.

One style you can choose from is string lighting, which provides a beautiful overhead allure that can light up your entire Jacksonville pool enclosure or only have certain zones illuminated. These lights are secured on guide wires to prevent any sagging while providing extra safety when intense weather makes an appearance in the region.

Another option you can consider is carefully placed lighting secured onto the frame of your pool cage, adding pathway lighting around the exterior of your pool, allowing you and your guests to watch for any tripping hazards that might be left out.


pool enclosure lightingThere are endless lighting options that can be customized to your property and preferences. Download our free design guide to help you answer questions that you may have about outdoor lighting. When you are done, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville to schedule your pool cage lighting design consultation and any other outdoor lighting you might be considering.

Add Personal Accents with Pool Lighting

Pool lighting is an excellent way to add additional safety around your pool’s edge, ensuring that steps and ledges are properly lit to avoid accidents in and out of the pool. Utilizing pool lighting to highlight additional water features, such as a waterfall or your hot tub, can add a profound visual elegance. You can also enhance your Jacksonville pool enclosure lighting with color-changing pool lights, change the water’s coloration to play off of the holiday or seasonal mood, or simply showcase your favorite color.

If you are interested in adding some pool cage lighting, we would be delighted to create a custom plan for you and your space. Give us a call or contact us online to get started and schedule a design consultation.