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Path Lights Take Your Property to the Next Level

Create the Look of Your Dreams with Path Lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville

We know at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives that the small details in your Jacksonville outdoor lighting design can make all the difference. Our team of designers considers your entire property as they develop a plan to give you the beauty and elegance at your home or business that you will love night after night. Along with incredible landscape lighting, pool lighting, tree, and patio lighting, we aim to take our lighting designs to the next level with well-appointed and tasteful path lights for your Jacksonville property. Made from copper and brass, our path lights are visually stunning and continue to get even better looking as time goes by. Ready to learn more about how to take your paths from so-so to inspiring? Give us a call at (904) 342-6040 and schedule your free demonstration from our team of professional designers.

Our Stunning Jacksonville Outdoor Light Fixtures Is a Difference Maker

man installing outdoor lighting fixture Our path lights really stand head and shoulders above our competition. Many Jacksonville outdoor light providers use aluminum fixtures, whereas we use brass and copper. When we first install our path lights, they may share many of the same characteristics as a competitor’s aluminum light. They both may give out great light and they both have that new light fixture look. However, when we revisit them down the road a year or so later is where we really can tell a major difference. After many rainstorms and days filled with sun, we find that your typical aluminum outdoor light fixture is worse for the wear. The paint is starting to fade and chip off or there may be significant rust issues creating an unpleasant look and an unhappy homeowner.

The difference with your brass or copper path light from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville is that you will not find yourself frustrated from a failing and ugly light fixture. Our lights will not fade or rust and since our lights are not painted, they will never have paint chipping issues. What will happen is the brass and copper will slowly start to patina as it creates a timeless and beautiful look. Our Jacksonville path lights will evolve into becoming a part of your natural landscape with their ageless look.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville to Transform Your Path Lights

You want you to have the best lights for your Jacksonville property and quite simply, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers you the best. From our outdoor lighting designs to inspiring path lights that will add beauty, safety, security, and value to your home, we are your local and trusted lighting provider. Give us a call at (904) 342-6040 or email us to learn more about creating that one-of-a-kind look that welcomes you home every night.