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Jacksonville Security Lighting: Everything You Need to Know About How to Transform Your Property and Kiss Those Motion Sensor Flood Lights Goodbye

Subtle security lighting enhances your home and discourages criminals.

Gone are the days of motion-sensor floodlights being the best option for securing a property at night. Today’s LED outdoor lighting technology allows for subtle and affordable security lighting all-around your property. Where there is light, there are few crimes of opportunity.

Our outdoor lighting systems are designed to highlight your charming home and all the features of your property. After sunset, you’ll enjoy a subtle showpiece. But what won’t be obvious is the security you’ll gain. But criminals will notice right away.

Form and Function with Jacksonville Outdoor Security Lighting

Floodlights certainly can deter crime. However, the motion sensors are often tripped by wildlife and other non-threatening movements. That constant glare of bright light annoys your neighbors, and eventually – you quit looking to see what is causing it. Floodlights are basically The Boy Who Cried Wolf of the outdoor lighting world.

With a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system, the lighting will do the securing for you. And you won’t even notice! You’ll see your gorgeous palm trees, enjoy improved nighttime function on the patio, show off your stunning annual and perennial flowers, and easily navigate the winding path leading around your property. All of those gorgeous and subtle lights will minimize dark hiding spaces. Nighttime prowlers won’t pick your home – they could be easily seen.

When a homeowner requests security lighting, we provide expert advice for illuminating areas of their property they may not have considered. Popular areas to add subtle security could include:

  • Property lines (especially if it is wooded or has easy access from behind the home.)
  • All entrances to the home. (windows, doors, and garages)
  • Driveways and parking areas.
  • Fences.
  • Security gates.

The beauty of our expert security lighting design is that we focus on all the charm and style of your home and landscape to create attractive nighttime curb appeal. When a neighbor drives by, they’ll be jealous. When a would-be thief drives by, they will keep driving.

If you’re looking to add nighttime security to your home with subtle outdoor lighting, call our team today. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville looks forward to working with you to create a custom design for meeting all your requirements.