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Enhance your Jacksonville restaurant’s dining patio with customized outdoor restaurant lighting

COVID-19 and its effects has changed everyone’s life around the world in some way. While the odds are slim of it going away any time soon, it is important to enjoy what you can in these unprecedented times. Although some people still refuse to leave the house without it being necessary, others are excited that restaurants are open.

With restaurants opening up for take-out and selective choices open for dine-in, the general public is excited for a sense of normalcy again. Outdoor dining has proven to be one of the safest ways for restaurants to be open for business during the pandemic while also practicing safe, social distancing rules. If you’re expanding your outdoor seating or just refreshing the space, consider new outdoor restaurant lighting to attract patrons and increase revenue.

restaurant patio lighting

Outdoor seating lighting

Outdoor seating at restaurants has always attracted customers. However, this global pandemic has allowed people to explore more options in multiple aspects of life. Since money has been tight for many, expensive lunch or dinner dates are not always in the cards. All restaurants can benefit from making customers and guests feel the luxury vibe of rooftop and outdoor dining.

We offer multiple different types of outdoor lighting for your commercial property. Professional string lighting gives a more aesthetic appeal to the outdoors while also increasing nighttime visibility. String lighting looks great and festive, no matter what season it is so it is perfect for outdoor dining spaces.

Restaurants can take advantage of landscape lighting, task lighting and focal lighting on decorative features. All of these options make the restaurant environment more inviting.

Why outdoor lighting?

outdoor restaurant lighting The benefits of outdoor lighting have been maximized the past few months. Having the opportunity to be outside longer while feeling safe and cool. Beautiful, strategically placed lighting can set a soft mood for a nice dinner.

Transforming your restaurant’s outdoor dining space will appeal to more customers who may just be driving by. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides professional services and lighting installations that last longer than any self-installed lighting.

Our experience has allowed us to create transformations for residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. We provide personalized lighting that meets your desires and needs.

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