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Hot Diggety Dog: Neptune Beach Outdoor Lighting Enhances Nighttime Recreation at the BrewHound Dog Park and Bar

Florida’s outdoor venues thrive under the beauty of custom lighting.

As small business owners budget their spending, they must do so wisely. It can be a challenge to allocate funds between facilities, staff, advertising, and more. Each dollar must enhance the business and lead to more sales and profits. Bars, restaurants, and other hospitality venues rely on outdoor areas for their guests, now more than ever. Enhancing outdoor space to attract new guests and create a long list of “regulars” is a great way to invest in your business. Custom outdoor lighting for your outdoor venue is a cost-effective method of enhancement.

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The team here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville has had the pleasure of illuminating restaurants, bars, resorts, and more for a brilliant guest experience. A recent example of this can be found at BrewHound Dog Park and Bar in Neptune Beach. We worked closely with the owners, Lauren and Jason, before construction even began, to create a fun and functional commercial outdoor lighting plan. The goal was to ensure their future guests (human and furry) could enjoy the space at night as much as during the day.

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Sustainable LED Outdoor Lighting

Jason and Lauren expressed to us that sustainability and the cost savings of LED outdoor lighting was appealing to their overall goals. So, while the excavator was busy clearing the underbrush from the future site of BrewHound, we laid the architectural plans out on the tailgate of their truck and began our outdoor lighting design consultation.

dog park lighting

The initial idea was to install a few strands of LED string lights from the main building out over the patio area in the dog park. Based on the size of the yard and the opportunity for nighttime enjoyment, our design team suggested down lighting around the park to keep the lights safe from the playful canines and their human companions. We also recommended they consider string lights both inside and outside of the pavilion, hardscape lighting under the bar top, and several recessed lighting fixtures under the outer eaves.

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The resulting commercial outdoor lighting system provides a well-lit easy-to-find entry sign, subtle visibility throughout the dog park, a cool vibe, and flexibility to expand as the park grows. All of these amazing features are possible with lights that use 80% less energy than Halogen lighting – which was the previous choice for low-voltage outdoor systems.

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Custom Outdoor Lighting Design Can Start Before Construction

One of the most important benefits of working with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville is our experience and ability to work with other contractors. If you are building or enhancing your outdoor areas, we can start during construction to create a killer design and coordinate the optimal installation schedule in conjunction with the other trades. The benefit to you is that your lighting is installed in a convenient, timely fashion, and your other amenities, features, and landscape will have minimal disruption after construction.

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If your business relies on its outdoor spaces, or you’re expanding into new outdoor entertainment space, call our team today to begin the design process. Now more than ever, outdoor entertainment is crucial, and we are your locally owned and operated outdoor lighting experts. Call now.