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Why You Should Consider Adding Path Lighting to Your Jacksonville Landscape Lighting Design

The path light is one of the most versatile landscape lights we utilize in our landscape lighting designs. However, with outdoor living features such as pools, patios, and outdoor kitchens, plus amazing Palm trees to illuminate, a surprising number of our clients forgo the path lighting. Everyone has a sidewalk, path, or driveway to enhance with outdoor lighting. Read all the reasons below that you should consider adding path lighting to your landscape lighting system.

Why Path Lighting is a Must

Path Lighting is an underrated invaluable addition to your landscape lighting design. Path lights are versatile, important and can be used in many different ways. Path lights come in a huge selection of styles that will fit any budget or existing decor. They enhance your landscape allowing you style & safety which also makes for amazing curb appeal!

Guide guests safely into or out of areas where additional illumination may be needed at nighttime by accentuating your driveway and sidewalks with professionally installed path lighting. They’ll also clearly illuminate the entrance of your home, so that anyone who visits will feel safe and secure when arriving at your doorstep.

Jacksonville Path Lighting Options

Standard Path Light: One of our most popular lights for a variety of spaces is the standard path light. Solid brass or solid copper it features a dome on top to reflect the light down and around for a beautiful scene and sure footing. It also works really nicely in flower and landscape beds.

Why You Should Consider Adding Path Lighting to Your Jacksonville Landscape Lighting Design

Half Path Light: This light looks much like the standard path light; however, it is a half path light. The back is open, so it is path light in the front and a wall wash light in the back. Like a mullet, this landscape lighting fixture is perfect for small landscape beds alongside a building or other vertical structure.

Rainier Path Light: This path light illuminates one side only and is perfect for sidewalks and driveways that want a lower profile fixture.

Directional Path Light: This beautiful light comes in a variety of styles. It looks a lot like a spotlight pointing down – but in fact it is perfect for path lighting.

Why You Should Consider Adding Path Lighting to Your Jacksonville Landscape Lighting DesignBollard Path Lights: Bollards are an excellent way to add a daytime sculpture/landscape accent that also provides path lighting after dark. Go for a plain light or choose from a wide variety of patterns and design. The intricate carvings create gorgeous shadows after sunset.

Scoop Top Well Light: Well lights are excellent for low profile uplighting – but now they are available for paths too! We love the scoop top well lights that wash light across a path. These low-profile lights are excellent for integrating into hardscapes, driveways, patios and even decking. The result is a subtle light that washes across the path for ONLY the amount of light you need.

If you’d like to explore adding path lighting to your existing landscape lighting design, or including them in a new system installation – call our team today to schedule a design consultation.