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Where to Place Landscape Lighting?

Jacksonville’s landscape lighting experts provide landscape lighting design tips you can use.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting? | Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting CompanyAre you thinking about embarking on landscape lighting installation at your home? Whether you’re going DIY, or you plan to hire a professional, having a sense of what a good landscape design looks like is a helpful tool. To get started, you must ask the question, “Where to place landscape lighting?” After all, the final design is 50% placement, 25% fixture, and 25% technique.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting

Proper landscape lighting doesn’t focus on just one part of your property but provides visibility and beauty from the curb to the back property line and everywhere in between. Make sure your system illuminates these areas.

Home’s Exterior

The centerpiece of your property, your home’s charming architectural features can and should be subtly illuminated for nighttime beauty.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Path lighting is vital for safety in navigating a dark walkway, but did you know these lights add depth to your entire system design? Never skip the paths and driveway. Your property’s first impression, they offer a warm welcome for every nighttime arrival.

Flower Beds

Your landscape design features gorgeous flower beds with a variety of blooms and tropical greenery. You toil to keep these plants thriving and the weeds out, and you should absolutely show it off at night as much as during the day.


Where to Place Landscape Lighting? | Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting CompanyEvery tree deserves a light at night. Tree are the anchors of your entire landscape design. They provide shade, height, and sometimes privacy. Illuminating your variety of trees to show off the height and gorgeous canopies is vital to achieving a dynamic landscape lighting scene.

Palm Trees

Palm trees get their own category for our landscape lighting placement checklist. If you are not sold on illuminating all the trees on your property, you should consider your Palm trees as a must. With stunning textured bark and a variety of fronds – proper Palm tree lighting reflects the tropical oasis of living in the Jacksonville area – for nighttime enjoyment.

Property Perimeters

There are a variety of landscape lighting techniques to illuminate the borders of your property. Our team will customize this effort to fit your property. Whether it is fence lighting, or tree lights on property line trees, defining the space is stunning and ads subtle security.

Decks and Patios

Don’t limit your outdoor living space to daytime use. Nighttime is the right time to enjoy a quiet moment on the deck or patio. It is also an exceptional time to entertain friends in the backyard. Make sure you have the deck and patio lighting to make it easy.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting? | Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting CompanyPool Lighting

Night swims. If you’ve ever taken a swim at night, it is self-exclamatory. There is just something extra magical about the stars shining above while you float in the warm, tranquil waters of your swimming pool.

Outdoor Structures

Pergolas, porches, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and fireplaces all provide additional function in your backyard. They also can be utilized at night. With customized landscape lighting to meet your precise functional requirements, we can make sure your most useful backyard spaces remain so after sunset.

Outdoor Gaming Areas

Tennis, horseshoes, cornhole, sand volleyball, and other backyard games don’t have to be relegated to daytime only. If you love to play games with friends and family, don’t forget to add light to the playing field/court.

While you might be inclined to DIY, we strongly recommend you hire a landscape lighting professional to help you get the best landscape lighting placement, fixtures, and technique. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our team works closely with you. Throughout the design phase, we learn how you use your property to recommend which lighting is suitable to meet those functional requirements. We never sacrifice form for function, as our systems always result in a beautiful overall landscape lighting system. If you’d like professional results, we recommend calling our team today. We will start with a design consultation and take it from there.