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Two Properties & the Two Custom Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting Projects that Inspire

On the Jacksonville coast, a stunning home perched on the dunes has become a beacon of coastal elegance, thanks to a comprehensive redesign of landscape architecture and the detailed outdoor lighting plan crafted by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville. This collaboration has resulted in an outdoor environment that not only highlights the home’s architectural features but also embraces the natural beauty of its oceanfront setting.

curb appeal lighting

A Symphony of Outdoor Lighting in Jacksonville

The task we were given was to create a lighting design that would complement the newly laid cobblestone driveway and the lush, tropical foliage, while also aligning with the existing aesthetic of the home. OLP’s commitment to collaborative design was evident as we worked alongside the homeowner and landscape architect, fine-tuning each detail to ensure that the lighting plan was nothing short of perfect. Our process is highly focused on collaborative feedback, making sure the finished product precisely aligns with our client’s goals. This project is a shining example of that collaboration.

stairway lighting

Illumination with Intention Makes OLP Stand Apart

With every fixture and every beam of light purposefully placed, the outdoor lighting installation was as strategic as it was artistic. The OLP team meticulously pre-ran wiring, anticipating the integration of light amongst the foliage and hardscapes. This pre-planning was essential to achieve a look that was both seamless and functional, ensuring that each step along the driveway and every walkway was safely lit and visually appealing.

Enduring Beauty with LED Outdoor Lighting Innovation

The result of this careful planning and installation is an outdoor space that comes alive at night. LED technology, known for its efficiency and longevity, brings out the textures and colors of tropical plants and the architectural character of the home. It’s not just the 50,000-hour lifespan of our LED bulbs that makes them impressive, but also the way they cast a glow that transforms the night into an extension of the day’s beauty. The lighting design crafted by OLP doesn't simply illuminate; it enhances. It draws the eye from the regal presence of the home, down the rustic cobblestone driveway, through the verdant greenery, and towards the ocean’s horizon. The gorgeous dock that slowly meanders towards the ocean utilizes special turtle-safe lighting that is designed to cast gentle, warm light that minimally impacts marine life, unlike some other lighting elements that are too bright for the natural environment. It’s a journey made all the more magical with custom outdoor lights that guide, accentuate, and enchant.

dock lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville takes pride in curating outdoor lighting that serves both form and function—durable, beautiful, and tailored to the unique style of each property. This Jacksonville project stands proudly as a signature of our work, where every light adds to the narrative of the home and its surroundings.

But our work doesn’t end here… an Atlantic beach property we worked with recently is similarly enchanting!

Curb Appeal Lighting Illuminates Modernity and Historic Elegance

In the quaint yet vibrant heart of Atlantic Beach, a historic home has been lovingly restored to its former glory. The homeowners, initially planning a complete remodel, found themselves embarking on a journey of restoration that would honor the home’s past while infusing it with modern-day elegance. Our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville joined the project to ensure that every historical detail and Floridian plant would not only be seen but truly appreciated under the veil of night.

Honoring Historical Significance with Custom Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting

The home, originally built off-grade with a distinctive staircase, became a labor of love as the owners sought to preserve its character. The addition of a third level and a two-tier staircase was made possible by commissioning replica blocks to match the home’s unique construction material. Every detail was carefully considered, reflecting a deep respect for the home's architectural heritage. Such careful planning meant our lighting installation would need to match the stellar craftsmanship on show on this property.

home with outdoor lighting

Discreet Jacksonville Landscape Lighting for a Subtle Ambiance

Working in tandem with the owners' landscaper, OLP crafted a lighting design that embraced subtlety, grace, and discretion. The use of in-ground well lights ensured that fixtures remained unseen, allowing the beauty of the palm trees and other native flora to take center stage. At OLP, we consider more than lighting alone. There is artistry at work in every installation we create; our lighting process accounts for existing home and landscape features and always considers the effects of brightness, angles, and shadow for a cohesive outdoor lighting display. Think of your home as a canvas that we enhance with tastefully designed LED lighting fixtures.

landscape lighting

A Nighttime Oasis to be Savored

The outdoor living space, complete with an entertainment center and fireplace, exudes warmth and relaxation, while strategic lighting emphasizes the textural beauty of the home’s exterior. This careful balance of light and shadow creates an inviting atmosphere that extends the enjoyment of the home’s spaces well into the evening.

patio lighting

Pool Lighting & Landscape Lighting Combine for Gorgeous Effects

The pool area, flanked by gorgeous foliage, becomes a tranquil retreat as this lighting design gently accentuates the lush landscape. Here, the homeowners can unwind in their private haven, surrounded by the soft glow that highlights the area’s natural elegance.

pool lighting

In restoring this Atlantic Beach home, the owners have not only preserved a piece of history but have also created a showcase of harmonious design. Our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville has ensured that the home’s architectural textures and the verdant landscape are not lost as the sun sets but are instead transformed into a captivating nighttime experience—a true outdoor oasis.

Wondering how will Jacksonville outdoor lighting look with your home? These two homes are prime examples of the artistic illumination that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives customizes for homeowners like you! To learn more about us and what we can do for you, check out our website or give us a call at (904) 342-6040.