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Marsh Landing Outdoor Lighting Update Breathes New Life into Charming Architectural Features and the Surrounding Landscape for Better Nighttime Enjoyment

Homebuyers often tackle home renovations before moving into an existing home. Renovations are an essential way to make a house a home. These Marsh Landing homeowners included outdoor lighting in their plans. The existing lighting system was about 15-20 years old. Not only has the landscape changed significantly since then, but outdoor lighting technology has drastically improved too. 

exterior home lighting

Our team developed a new LED outdoor lighting design. We added more fixtures to further highlight the charming architectural features of the home, the palm trees lining the front yard, and the perimeter of the marsh.

During our coveted nighttime demonstration, the homeowners so thoroughly enjoyed the tremendous improvement provided by the new outdoor lighting that we expanded the design to include more fixtures on the spot. The final project also included replacing all the current fixtures and wire. However, we were able to keep the existing transformers that were in great condition and tied into the home automation system.

Marsh Landing Outdoor Lighting Installation

The height of the home and surrounding palm trees meant uplights were primarily the fixture of choice. Uplights are incredibly versatile for vertical landscape features. With the proper technique, these lights can enhance the height, texture, and beauty of the desired targets. 

palm tree lighting


When uplights are applied from below the object of illumination, aimed at the top, we achieve great height in the overall landscape lighting design. In this instance, we were able to illuminate the fronds of the palm trees as well as the second story of the home. 

exterior home and landscape lighting


When applying spotlights from directly below a vertical object, the texture of the surface pops! On this beautiful Marsh Landing property, we utilized this technique to highlight the unique texture of the palm tree trunks and the stonework on the home’s exterior surface. 


The enchanting tropical beauty of this Marsh Landing property transforms into a unique nighttime setting as the sun sets. With over a half-mile of marsh on the west side of the property, sunsets offer a daily moment of magic. Once the sun dips below the horizon, the spotlights on the surrounding landscape keep the magic alive for continued nighttime enjoyment, adding visibility, safety, and delight.

tree lighting

If your home has an existing outdoor lighting system that could benefit from a design refresh, or you are starting from scratch, call our expert lighting team today for a design consultation. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Jacksonville, we love creating nighttime magic in Marsh Landing and all of Northeast Florida.

exterior home lighting