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Holiday Outdoor Lighting Pittsburgh

Two-story home with classic white Christmas lights and tree wrapping lights

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh help spread the holiday cheer by taking care of your outdoor lighting this year. Our unique holiday outdoor lighting program starts with a complimentary consultation at your home or business in Pittsburgh where we’ll show you our extensive holiday lighting product line.

Using our unique lighting software, we’ll design a custom holiday outdoor lighting plan to perfectly fit your taste and budget. Our Pittsburg Christmas light installers offer personal service and meticulous installation. With us - you'll own the holiday night!

Searching for trusted Christmas light installation in Pittsburgh? We can help. Get in touch with us at (412) 274-8592 to book your complimentary estimate.

What Happens Once We Approve the ESTIMATE?

We continue the process by setting up an installation appointment making your home or business look festive long before the holidays arrive. No ladders to drag out, no strings of lights to untangle.

When the holidays have passed we’ll return to remove the decorations and carefully store them in our warehouse until the next holiday season.

Our holiday outdoor lighting program is a full-service program that makes your home or business look beautiful and lets you enjoy the season.

Call us at (412) 274-8592 for your complimentary consultation. Our Pittsburgh Christmas light installers will help you have the best home on the street!

Our Holiday Lighting Products

Roofline Lighting

Outlining your roofline – and walkways – can make a dramatic impact and uniform look with our LED C9 string lights.

The UL-listed outdoor lights are triple coated are available in white or colored and are rated for up to 100,000 hours of operation.

Home with roofline holiday lighting

Pittsburgh home with roofline holiday lights

Tree Wrapping

Our tree wrapping techniques make your entire lawn look festive.

Choose from our spiral wrapping technique, bottom wrapping to reveal the size of the trunk or our more encompassing branch wrapping for your trees or our shrub wrapping for smaller plantings.

Our bright, festive LED string lighting in your trees will give you a 90% energy savings over conventional light strings and come in a variety of colors.

Pittsburgh Christmas tree lighting

Home with tree wrapping holiday lighting

Snowfall Lighting

Snowfall lighting is the latest trend for trees of all sizes.

Our LED snowfall lights create the look of falling snow with the lights pattern dimming on and off down the string.

Snowfall holiday lighting

Snowfall holiday lighting

Wreaths & Garland

Our pre-lit wreaths and garland look great on your doors, windows, and homes and come in a variety of sizes that look great all day and night.

Our pre-lit garland coordinates on your railings, pillars, and doors and can include pinecones and red berries. The UV protection ensures your foliage won’t turn colors or fade.

Wreath holiday lighting

Wreath Holiday lighting

Commercial Holiday Lighting

Decorating your business for the holidays tastefully displays your holiday spirit for your employees and clients.

Our commercial-grade materials withstand the elements for years of enjoyment.

Commercial holiday lighting

Commercial Holiday lighting

Benefits of Choosing Professional Holiday Light Installation in Pittsburgh

Hiring a professional to put up and take down holiday lights, especially in a city with weather conditions like Pittsburgh, offers numerous benefits. Here are some key advantages:

  • Safety: Our holiday lighting professionals are trained to install lights at heights and in various weather conditions, reducing the risk of falls or electrical mishaps. The snowy and icy conditions in Pittsburgh can make this task particularly hazardous for amateurs.
  • Time-Saving: Installing and removing holiday lights can be time-consuming. By hiring our team, you can spend that time on other holiday preparations or simply enjoy the festive season.
  • Equipment and Tools: Our holiday lighting experts come equipped with all the necessary tools and ladders for the job. This means homeowners don't need to invest in or store specialized equipment.
  • Customization: We offer customized lighting designs tailored to the specific architecture and landscape of your property.
  • Weather Considerations: In a city like Pittsburgh, where winter weather can be unpredictable, we are trained to install lights in a way that better withstands wind, snow, and rain.
  • Efficient Takedown and Storage: After the holiday season, we will take down the lights, ensuring that they're safely and neatly stored. This prolongs the life of the decorations and reduces clutter in your storage spaces.
  • Electrical Safety: Overloading circuits or using damaged lights can be dangerous. Our Pittsburgh holiday lighting pros will ensure that the electrical load is distributed correctly and safely.
  • Reliability: If any lights malfunction or issues arise during the holiday season, we will come back to fix them.
  • Stress Reduction: The holiday season can be hectic. By delegating the task of light installation and takedown, you can reduce one significant source of seasonal stress.

Our holiday décor isn’t just for the winter holidays. Give us a call at (412) 274-8592 to decorate for all the major holidays, including Easter, Halloween, and the Fourth of July!

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