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Deck & Patio Lighting in Pittsburgh

We are the experts in all things outdoor lighting for residential and commercial properties in the Pittsburgh area. Our team specializes in deck and patio lighting, backyard lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, and pool lighting – including lighting for events and holidays. We brighten homes and businesses in Pittsburgh & surrounding communities.

See all the fun you’ve been missing outside after dark with patio and deck lighting

As professional outdoor lighting designers, we can help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams. We will use subtle touches of energy efficient lighting to highlight features without overwhelming the yard and draw away from the surroundings. This then creates an eye appealing WOW factor to your backyard. Allowing you more time to spend on your deck, patio, porch, pergola, or gazebo for nighttime entertaining and relaxing.

Do you have a pergola, gazebo or maybe an open porch? Be able to access these backyard features longer in the night for entertaining and relaxation. Pergolas are all about shade patterns, with precision-based lighting we can mount lighting under your pergola to give the perfect nighttime ambiance.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Space with Custom Deck and Patio Lighting

Transform your backyard into a magical oasis with our professional outdoor lighting solutions. Whether you have a deck, patio, or both, our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh can create a stunning ambiance that will enhance your outdoor living space and allow you to enjoy it long after the sun goes down.

Benefits of illuminating your deck or patio space include:

  • Extended usability: With strategically placed lights, you can continue to entertain and relax in your outdoor space even after the sun sets.
  • Enhanced safety: Properly lit pathways, stairs, and seating areas reduce the risk of accidents and provide a safer environment for you and your guests.
  • Increased security: Well-lit outdoor areas deter potential intruders and provide you with peace of mind.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Our expertly designed lighting systems can highlight the unique features of your deck and patio, creating a visually appealing atmosphere.
  • Added value to your home: Professionally installed outdoor lighting can increase the value and curb appeal of your property.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh, we specialize in creating customized lighting designs that suit your specific needs and preferences. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the endless possibilities for illuminating your outdoor living space.

Gazebo with lighting


Not only does outdoor lighting in your backyard create in addition to a serene backdrop it also provides safety and security for your home. With a well-lit backyard, you can deter intruders as well as preventing falls and injuries.

Outdoor lighting can enhance the look and security of your outdoor spaces in Pittsburgh. With the right lighting, you can grill later and enjoy your yard longer into the evening. Contact us at (412) 274-8592 today for more information.

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