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Science Light Activities for Kids

Sometimes, when your kids are young, it seems like every sentence ends in a question mark.

“Where do babies come from?”

“How old are you?”

And the classic: “Why is the sky blue?”

Help stop their never-ending curiosity by presenting basic lessons to them in a fun way. With this lesson about what light is and how it works, you’ll have one less question to try to answer.

The lesson addresses their:

-Creative side as they draw different sources of light

-Reading and writing skills as they work with light-related vocabulary

-Science knowledge as they make projects to learn how light travels

A lighting display from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives could help enhance the lesson even more!

Another idea would be to have the parents in the community switch off teaching the kids about a new topic each week. That way, you’d be educating them, giving them time to interact with other children, and eliminating their questions, one by one!