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Commercial Outdoor Lighting at Dyker Beach Golf Club – Brooklyn NY

Wow, take a look at this unbelievably beautiful golf course image of the Dyker Beach Golf Club in Brooklyn, New York.

This stunning property falls in the shadow the Verazano bridge, one of NYC’s great bridges which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. Dyker Beach Golf Club is beautiful golf course and high end catering facility well hidden within a busy residential section of Brooklyn. The Director of Catering called Dennis & Amy Dowling of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island looking for a commercial lighting and design company to design a lighting system solution that would help them show case the building and allow them to better utilize the back patio overlooking the golf course. They were also very concerned with safety. This 80 year old brick building completely disappears from view once darkness falls, which made outside evening events impossible.

dennis and amy dowling of long island

Dennis and Amy first planned the proper electrical infrastructure to support the outdoor lighting system. They also discussed additional circuits needed for future holiday lighting. Next they wanted the design of the proper fixtures that would accent the building and landscape in the most cost effective way possible. They came up with a solution utilizing both low voltage and line voltage systems.

Dennis & Amy’s outdoor lighting design called for lighting three specific areas. First the main building, (low voltage design) required 6 transformers and 93 quartz halogen fixtures. A combination of path lights (accenting walkways & garden areas) wash lights (accenting retaining walls) and well lights (accenting the brick building & specimen trees). Secondly, line voltage (LC20) spot lights surrounding the sides and the back patio landscape that high lighted the building, trees and landscape. And third, (8 – LC20) spot lights mounted on 4 back peaks that shined down on the patio creating a soft “moonlighting” effect for evening events. Our LC20 fixtures uses a newer ceramic metal halide bulb technology for longevity, beauty and cost efficiency. All three zones were controlled from the lighting control automation timing system.

The installation went very smoothly, and they were lucky to get the entire project completed one week before Christmas. Dyker was thrilled because they had a sold out New Years eve party, that was a huge success. The new outdoor lighting solution not only brought the building to life at night, buy they are now able to plan outside evening events after the spring arrives.

The client was absolutely delighted with the end result. Dennis & Amy have been asked to look at another one their courses in the Bronx next. The outdoor lighting will now open up a whole new side of their catering business as well, and is certain that showcasing their building, landscape and patio will result in new business.

Here are some pictures:

dyker club outdoor area

Here is a close-up of the fixtures mounted on the brick building

dyker club outdoor spotlights

Here is a picture of the property illuminated at night

dyker club at night