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What’s Better than Lighting Timers to Make it Appear Someone’s Home?

Recently, I was on vacation staying in a condo. Since we had a rather large group, we were wondering if the condo above us had anyone staying there. That way we would have been extra quiet. Someone mentioned that they saw a light on in the condo the previous night. Two other people in the group piped up and said that was likely just lighting timers.

As you can see in this picture, by studying the two 2nd level windows, it appears that there is only one light on in the unit. Conversly, the unit downstairs appears lived in.

So, lighting timers are intended to make it look as if someone’s home. But they’re so transparent. People who are wondering if someone’s really home will likely watch for some signal that something other than lighting timers is at play.

Home lighting automation

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a service called home lighting automation. I couldn’t describe it any better than you see here in this video.

This video was made by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville, TN. But, all of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offices offer home lighting automation. Just call for a free consultation and/or outdoor lighting design demonstration.

The lighting automation utilizes motion sensors to turn on outside and inside lights and leave them on for the desired period of time. For example, in the video example, a series of lights turn on, stay on briefly, and then turn off to make it look as if someone is walking through the house. This combination of more intelligent lighting control automation gives the appearance that someone is really home.