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Solar Lighting – Adding Insult to Injury

I was walking through town yesterday and came across this patch of misfit solar lights. There are 3 different types of solar fixtures in this cabbage patch of solar sign lights. From looking at the lights, it appears the bullet lights were put in first. Then, the two side lights were added. The solar panel in the front is the funniest. It looks as if that is being used as a booster for the other patch of lights that keeps growing trying to do the job.

Solar lighting sounds like a great option – and it feels good on your pocketbook – until you have to continue to buy more solar lights and you still can’t see the sign for your business at night.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses low voltage landscape lights. The benefits of low-voltage vs. solar are:

  • Low voltage lights throw enough light to illuminate all night long. Solar power lights generally have a low haze in early evening and that light continues to fade throughout the evening. This is especially dangerous if you need the outdoor lighting for security and/or safety. If you have outdoor lighting to ward off prowlers, you want a well-lit area throughout the night
  • Solar lights need to be replaced frequently whereas low voltage lighting fixtures are built to last. While the bulbs will need to be replaced after a year or so, your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives fixtures are made of brass, copper and other metals to be strong, durable and long lasting. further, you fixtures come with a warranty in case there is any damage.
  • Solar lights do not throw enough light to adequately light commercial and business applications. As you can see in the image above, even this small sign cannot be adequately illuminated with solar lights
  • Solar lights are wired to each other, thus the wiring can not be professionally installed and buried appropriately. There are restrictions based on the length of the wire and the knowledge of installing landscape lighting and exterior lighting. Low voltage and LED outdoor lighting, when professionally installed, are installed to where they will not be pulled up by a mower, exposed after a storm, or otherwise unearthed by regular yard and wear activity.
  • Your low voltage lighting fixtures can be converted to LED lights by changing out the bulb. Your solar lighting fixtures cannot be modified, enhanced, or upgraded to LED lights.
  • Low voltage and landscape lights can be managed by a timer to turn on and off at different times of the day and can also be programmed to turn on and off remotely. There are many ways your home lighting automation can be programmed. It can even be programmed with motion sensors to turn on when someone enters your property, opens a gate, or comes within a certain proximity of your home.

In short, solar lights may seem like an easy inexpensive alternative, but they just don’t do the job if you need adequate, consistent illumination of your outdoor spaces.