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Our Outdoor Lighting Expert Creates a Series on Informative Videos You Won't Want to Miss

We are still really thrilled about our do it yourself outdoor lighting program. Customers of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are raving about the quality of our fixtures as well as how easy our directives make installing your outdoor lighting yourself. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has taken do it yourself outdoor lighting to new heights and new standards within the industry. Patrick Harders, who is one of our experts here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has compiled a series of informative and easy how to videos that are currently available to view here

These videos focus on the basics in proper outdoor lighting. They cover installation and wiring of your system, choosing the proper fixture for the specific area you are illuminating to mounting the transformer, using lighting timers and controllers and even troubleshooting your lighting system. These videos contain valuable knowledge that can be used for informative purposes or in conjunction with our do it yourself program. Here are a few tasty tidbits of the valuable information that can be seen in the lighting and fixture placement video.

First Patrick pointed out that the well light is the work horse of the outdoor lighting industry. The well light is used in facade and tree lighting frequently because the light amply covers side-to-side as well as top to bottom. When the well light is installed straight up at the object you are lighting, it gives an incredibly even light output that is difficult to achieve with other lights. When using well lights, Mr. Harders points out you want to avoid windows when using them to uplight a homes facade. The well light that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses comes with a lens cover to keep out debris that can affect the quality of the light output. He also points out that the goal when using the well light, as well as any other outdoor lighting fixture , is to focus on what is being illuminated and not the source of light itself. The well light is the perfect candidate for this job because it can be buried to aid in this concept. Our well lights are designed with this purpose in mind.

front path lighting
Our resident expert also discusses the path light. The path light is by far the most misused and abused outdoor lighting fixture in the business. With path lighting you have to remember that it is about “quality” and not “quantity”. I know everyone has ridden through a community at night and witnessed path lighting that looks like an airport runway. These videos instruct the consumer on the correct way to place and install their path lighting. Each path light when properly installed, should emit a circle of light from 5-10 feet to achieve the desired effect. This video points out that when you are planning for path lighting, less is more, and with the correct quality fixtures this is easy.

outdoor common space lighting
These are just a few of the outdoor lighting tips that Patrick Harders covered in the video series. These videos are an invaluable addition to any homeowner that is thinking of installing their own outdoor lighting, as well as homeowners who are thinking of taking advantage of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives do it yourself lighting program.

To learn more about our do-it-yourself lighting program, or our full service designs and installations contact us.

To contact Patrick Harders at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, click here to visit their outdoor lighting website. Patrick is a veteran in the outdoor lighting business and provides full-service lighting design and installation to customers throughout the Northern Virginia area.