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Make your Love Light Shine on Your Wedding Day with Outdoor Lighting

Tis’ the season for romance. Romance is in the air all around us as blushing brides-to-be make haste picking out their perfect dress, the perfect music, and the perfect flowers for her big day. With all this in mind many brides opt not to have their weddings in the traditional church setting. Nowadays couples choose alternate locales. Locations such as the beach, parks, and sometimes those beautiful Victorian homes of yesteryear that can now be rented for festivities such as weddings. And many couples also get married at “home”.

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“Home” may be the home they have purchased together as their first home. Home can also be the house of a parent, or grandparent who is proudly hosting the wedding. We see more and more couples making the decision to exchange vows in a familiar setting such as where they grew up. Nostalgia and emotion play a big role in deciding to wed at the family home, adding to lovely memories and adding another page into the family’s history.

Those couples that decide to hold their weddings at home usually hold the ceremony on the lawn, or in the garden and all this requires planning on behalf of the host. Many homeowners make improvements many months in advance of wedding day so their home will look the part. Planting perennial gardens that will be blooming for that big day, even constructing outdoor structures such as arbors and gazebos to add to the romance. Most ceremonies and receptions following can flow into the dusk and evening hours. Some couples even decide to marry at sunset, so outdoor lighting needs to be taken into consideration.

Some of the most memorable expenses of the wedding are the wedding photos. All other objects will fade and wither over time, but the pictures will last a lifetime. Proper lighting is a must for a good photographer to use as a backdrop. Good outdoor lighting such as landscape and garden lighting used at a dusk or evening wedding will make an immeasurable difference in the pictures.

Outdoor lighting is something that a lot of couples and wedding hosts and coordinators do not take into consideration until it is too late. In this case they are usually scurrying to get something “thrown together” in time for the big day. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we are experienced in creating a lighting effect versus just installing lights. We can plan and design an outdoor lighting plan to take advantage of all the beauty of your property on your big day, or that of your daughter or son. We can add an heir of romance with the lighting effect that is unmatched by any other source. Imagine your daughter saying “I do” in your gazebo at sunset amid the climbing roses with the scent of jasmine in the air. Close your eyes… and you can see it, we can make that vision a reality.

Making the investment in outdoor lighting in preparation for the “big day” may seem a little expensive. This is truly not the case when you take into consideration the expenditures spent on a wedding and the return on those expenditures. Outdoor lighting will be with you long after the honeymoon is over. You get to enjoy the beauty of their glow for many,many years to come.

So make your wedding day memorable for a lifetime, long after true loves first kiss.