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Christmas Lights in July

I’m a Type A planner. I like to be prepared for those things that I know are coming. For instance, I shop way in advance for things and bought my husband’s first Christmas gift today, July 20th. Yup, over 5 months away from Christmas and I’m already buying gifts. Knowing that, it’s probably not surprising that I think about and plan for other parts of the holiday season way in advance. Flights to see the family, taking time off from work and planning my holiday décor, I do it all.

You see, I love the holiday season and so do our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees. While our outdoor lighting designers are constantly working on new projects, outdoor Christmas lighting provides a lot more artistic freedom than normal low voltage landscape lighting. Each client has their own wants and tastes that result in unique holiday lighting systems year after year.

We say that our holiday lighting offering gives you all the wow with none of the work as we handle every step:

Step 1 – we work with our clients to design the outdoor holiday lighting system based on their home, property, budget and tastes. And boy are there options.

Step 2 – our trained installers will save you the hassle of hanging the lights and install them for you so you don’t have to.

Step 3 – We take the lights down and store them for you so that next year we can test every bulb before they go up on your house for another holiday season.

If you are interested in outdoor holiday lighting, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Until then, check out some of these holiday lights:

lighted gazebo 3D lighted LED star wreath for roof line tree lighting holiday