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Entryway Lighting Enhances Subdivision

Developers spend millions of dollars creating subdivisions where people want to live. The landscaping is kept and the entryway is often the focal point. A beautiful welcome area can make one neighborhood stand apart from the others. Recently, one of our franchisees, Rick Johnson, who provides outdoor lighting in Austin and its surrounding areas, worked with a local subdivision to enhance their entryway outdoor lighting. Here’s the story:

Belvedere is a high-end gated community outside of Austin, Texas. When it was first built in 2006, the developers built a large brick entry to welcome residents and guests. To make sure that people could see the neighborhood from the street at all times of the day, they had installed low voltage landscape lighting. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t properly maintained so the light started to dull. Additionally, the surrounding trees have grown a lot in the last 6 years and had started to block a lot of the lighting. In short, Belvedere needed an update and looked to Rick Johnson for help.

The board had two goals for its lighting update: 1) make the entrance brighter as it was now difficult to see from the road and 2) have a soft, elegant look befitting of the neighborhood, but not overpowering.

Rick was one of three lighting companies that presented to the board. While the competitors both recommended to get rid of every existing fixture and install 40 new ones, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives saw the potential to work with what was there and installed only 20 new fixtures. Not only was the OLP bid significantly less than the competition’s, but now that the existing fixtures are cleaned up and have been tweaked, it looks great.

commercial welcoming lighting

This is a great example of how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is different than other outdoor lighting companies. For us, it is all about the effect. We work with very high-quality residential outdoor lighting fixtures, but it’s HOW we use them that’s important. Rick is a trained outdoor lighting designer who understands the best practices to provide the Belvedere with the soft glow they requested. Additionally, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will be visiting the subdivision quarterly to inspect the entryway outdoor lighting so that it always stands out.

The Belvedere board is very happy with the work Rick did on their entryway and so are we. Congrats Rick on a job well done.