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Illumination Perfected.

You wouldn’t spend much time in a living room that’s pitch dark or lit by a single, glaring floodlight. And yet, that’s what most Americans have in their “outdoor rooms.” And that’s a shame, but we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives know that it takes knowledge, creativity, flair and experience to create inviting outdoor lighting effects. A floodlight doesn’t work in our world.

When it comes to residential outdoor lighting, we offer more than anyone else:

• Technical expertise of a company dedicated solely to outdoor lighting.
• Dramatic effects only a skilled lighting designer can create.
• Quality fixtures created exclusively for us by our American manufacturer.
• Responsive service from a dedicated, local owner/operator.
• Heavy copper and cast brass fixtures designed to last.
• Low voltage fixtures
• LEDs that last longer and consume less energy.

Our clients love the difference we make to their outdoor living spaces. They find new reasons to “move it outdoors.”

• Cooking’s heat and clutter are banished from your kitchen.
• Spills are less stressful when they’re not in your dining room.
• Large gatherings don’t feel crowded in open spaces.
• Conversation thrives when there’s no TV nearby.
• Relax and recharge yourself in the fresh open air.
• Cool evening breezes beckon you to linger under the stars.

The art of superior service.

Unlike many of our competitors, we take being your total source for outdoor and landscape lighting very seriously. And we have tremendous pride and gratitude knowing that our clients feel that our prompt, attentive and professional service is the best there is.