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Brighten up Your Lawn at Night with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

You know the major problem with having a great outdoor space? Night time. No matter how beautiful and dynamic your prize winning lawn or dream-like deck is in the glorious sunshine, it’s just another bulky, dark mass once the sun sets. Fortunately, there are a few simple outdoor landscape lighting solutions that will help brighten up your lawn or deck even in the darkest darkness.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Tips

What’s a light if not for illumination? This remains true even in decorative outdoor lighting. It has to help you see in the end. Keep in mind the source itself shouldn’t be seen, but its light beams should make your space glow as though bathed in moonlight. Adding color filters over lights can provide a dash of personality and ornamentation to any landscape including your lawn! So, keep in mind:

● Soft light is better than harsh glares. Don’t drown your lawn in light, accent it!

● Use shrubs and plants to hide the light sources themselves.

● Make sure the light fully illuminates any area you plan on using at night. Safety first!

● Remember to stay creative and have fun with it.

It’s easy to forget within all the tips and tricks that this project is supposed to show off creativity and personal style. Additionally, keeping it simple allows you to create a safe and adaptable canvas that can be changed and altered as your style and taste dictate. Keep those outdoor landscape lighting ideas fresh and your yard will love you forever.

Outdoor Deck Lighting Tips

When focusing on a deck or useable space, positioning of your lights becomes critical. What’s the good of having an outdoor evening BBQ party if you can’t see to eat? Make sure the lights are angled to cover the largest area and not “halo” as with street lights. Angling lights at varied degrees can mean the difference between buying four or five lights as opposed to only two. Outdoor deck lighting focuses on this idea more than decorative lawn lighting. So, remember:

● Angle those lights to maximize illuminated area.

● Position standing lights in out-of-the-way areas, much as you would in a living room.

● Creativity and style can still apply, just don’t forget functionality!

Combine these outdoor landscape lighting tricks with professionals like the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and you, too, can have the crown jewel outdoor space in your neighborhood. So, what are you waiting for? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today and get out there and light it up!