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Landscape LED Lighting: A Design Element Implemented to Fight Crime in Your Neighborhood

Quality landscape LED lighting represents an extremely useful feature, designed and implemented to upgrade the aesthetics of your backyard and generate neighborhood envy. Apart from making your garden shine bright in the dark and display a unique, mesmerizing glow, these intelligent systems also play an important role in protecting your property from dangerous trespassers.

If you can’t afford state-of-the-art home security products, but you are still determined to apply a few working measures of protection to discourage perpetrators, landscape LED lighting can be the perfect alternative for you, providing excellent results while involving an insignificant investment.

It’s no secret that thieves usually operate in the dark and most of them target properties that aren’t properly illuminated. This is a common theory supported by a large number of reformed burglars, suggesting that their mission is facilitated by the absence of an outdoor lighting system. Robbing a house sunk in darkness is often considered child’s play, while stealing goods from a properly illuminated property represents a great challenge even for skilled villains, according to John Smith (the alias of a former thief who had the courage to expose his old practices.)

In addition, a poorly lit house constitutes a real threat for its owners, who, in case of an emergency, would inevitably be forced to go outside, inspect the surroundings and expose themselves to tremendous safety risks to protect their property from potential trespassers. In this context, contemporary outdoor lighting systems represent a real asset for all homeowners who value their safety and privacy.

In fact, this idea also was promoted by C. Ray Jeffery, a highly esteemed criminologist, five decades ago. Jeffery revealed a strong connection between environmental design ideas (CPTED) and crime prevention measures. In his opinion, one also shared by reputable home security experts, certain design elements can decrease crime rates in an entire neighborhood, as long as they are installed by most homeowners.

Environmental design features could actually enable the owners to take the perpetrator by surprise while he is trespassing and minimize potential damages. A flawless CPTED should allow owners to access their property effortlessly at all times, facilitating an optimal natural surveillance and displaying effective barriers implemented to prevent destructive, antisocial actions.

Quality contemporary outdoor lighting brought to you by reputable brands, such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, comply with all the most important CPTED principles and provide an elevated level of protection for any property. Unlike their traditional competitors, landscape LED lighting systems deter thieves, illuminate and beautify an outdoor area at night and help owners cut down costs, due to their outstanding energy-efficiency.