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Architectural Outdoor Lighting Brings Out Properties’ Best Features

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve designed and installed over 85,000 custom outdoor lighting systems. Each one is unique in its own right as the best outdoor lighting systems use the property as its muse and each property is different. Every lighting designer’s goal should be to bring out the best parts of the property, whether it’s the architecture, landscaping, etc.

When I look at pictures of architectural outdoor lighting, I’m always amazed at the vast differences in architecture and lighting techniques. What works well on one home won’t necessarily work for another. Here are some great examples of outdoor lighting for different architecture styles.column lighting

At first glance the above pictured brick home is simply stunning, but it also has a lot of architectural details that our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designer wanted to bring out in his design. There are numerous peaks along the roof line, a porch and a large archway over the front door. Each part is key to the overall look of the home and needed to be illuminated properly to keep that “simply stunning” look. The majority of the home was lit using up lights. Well lights are installed near the base of the home and wash the vertical areas with an even color. I especially like how the details within the brick are highlighted. All of the architectural details are there, even after dark.

birmingham home lighting

The columns here are the big architectural detail of the home. At night, this property had a completely different ambiance than during the day because the columns couldn’t be appreciated. By installing column lighting that is able to light each column from the bottom to the top, the home is much more appealing at night.

 modern architectural lighting

This home in the Birmingham area has so many details that it would be a shame if they couldn’t be enjoyed all night long. Architectural outdoor lighting is able to bring out the numerous arches, the ornate railings along the multiple balconies, the curved details, etc.outdoor home lighting

Here is an example of modern architectural lighting. This home’s modern lines are apparent with the addition of up lights. The home itself has wide eaves that catch the light from below, but also provide a great place to install some lighting. If you look closely over the doorway, you’ll see that instead of up lighting, a few light fixtures were installed in the eaves to shine down on the front patio and porch area. For that particular space, it was the best option for ensuring the light levels matched the rest of the front façade.

Whether it’s brick, stucco or a log home, many times some of the best architectural details are the textures of a property. Take this house for instance; the stonework around the front door and the garage is gorgeous. It brings depth and complexity to the home. If the house wasn’t properly lit at night it would be shame. With the addition of professional outdoor lighting, the warm colors of the stone as well as the texture can be admired.

If you are interested to learn how architectural outdoor lighting can enhance the look of your home, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.