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See What Landscape Lighting Can Do to Your Gardens

Gardens and the landscape on a property are an extension of your home. Whether it is a simple flower garden or extensive property of pathways and statues, many people spend a lot of time and money in their gardens. What a shame when it can’t be appreciated at night.

Landscape lighting is a must for any outdoor living enthusiast. The best lighting design will bring out the best aspects of your garden. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our trained designers look to highlight…

Traveled pathways. If you are ever going to walk your grounds at night, you need to be able to be see where you are going! Path lights can be installed on the sides of paths (paved or not) to illuminated the space, but also invite people out to explore and enjoy a space. Shining light down from trees, known as moonlighting, is another way light pathways.

outdoor common space lighting

Colors. Color brings life into a home’s landscaping and gardens, but it also can help set a mood or ambiance at night. Seeing pops of red and pink can warm up an outdoor area. Landscape lighting makes that happen. Strategic placed light fixtures will bring the color to the forefront. That’s the point of the fixture, to be the supporting role, not the star. In this case, it’s the garden’s colors.

Statement Trees. Some trees should be appreciated at all times of day. They are visually interesting as well as invite the eye out into other parts of the property.

Statues. If you have a statue, don’t you want to be able to see it? Spotlighting is the most frequently used lighting technique used on statues. By beaming the light straight at the statue, you will be able to appreciate all of the details of the statues.

Water Features. Illuminating water features with landscape lighting is an absolute must. Not only does it enhance the beauty of it, but it also ensures that people can see it for safety purposes, no tripping!

OLP’s trained outdoor lighting designers are sure to enhance the landscape of your property with our custom design plans. Please contact your nearest location to discuss your outdoor and landscape lighting needs.