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Path Lighting: Turn on the Sun — Just a Bit

The night sky is beautiful, but it’s only bright enough to light your way a couple nights a month, if that. Outdoor path lighting makes all the difference when you set foot outside after the sun goes down, keeping you safe on your way up the driveway or down to the pool. Our low-voltage outdoor lights won’t spoil your night time view, and won’t leave you paying to light the entire neighborhood.

The halogen and LED lights we usually recommend offer brighter, better-controlled illumination than solar path lights, and are more energy efficient and longer-lived than incandescent options. That means that, once we’ve helped you design the perfect outdoor path lighting, you’ll be free to stroll, without worrying about burnt-out light bulbs or cleaning up after the costly, damaging excavation needed to lay lines for incandescent lights.


Our professional outdoor path lighting designers specialize in just one thing: getting you the safety and accent lighting you need for outdoor paths. This starts with a free consultation to identify your goals and any challenges. We’ll pay particular attention to areas where a few carefully placed lights can illuminate the safest route over uneven footing or through thick greenery.

path lighting

Got kids? We’ll work with you to light the areas where toys and other objects are most likely to end up in someone’s way. We prevent collisions between unsuspecting ankles and your child’s treasured (but discarded) belongings every day.

Our outdoor path lighting can illuminate the way even if you don’t have a paver or concrete walkway laid down. Use it to brighten the perimeter of your garden beds, or designate a walkway that can be relocated with a minimum of expense and effort. The right path lighting means your pool, patio, hot tub, driveway, and garden sitting area will be open 24 hours a day, all year long.