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Getting Ready for the Holidays During National Outdoor Lighting Month

October. The month when the leaves change, the days get shorter and nights get longer. It’s also National Outdoor Lighting Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. Founded in 2013, this year the program focuses on event lighting and outdoor Christmas lights.

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s one of our favorite times of the year at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Can you guess why? The lights, of course! Outdoor Christmas lighting displays, from simple to elaborate, have become synonymous with this time of year. We provide some of our hints and tips for gorgeous holiday lighting displays in our FREE download. Here are just a few ideas:

Trees, trees, trees. When designing a stunning holiday lighting display, you can’t forget the trees! They make big impact when lit well. String lights are the most common way that homeowners illuminate their trees for Christmas. They can be wrapped around leafless branches, or wrapped around full evergreens for the perfect effect, but that’s not the only way trees can be lit for tree lighting
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ Starry Lights installation shoots hundreds of LED bursts to the illuminated surface from one small fixture. Available in numerous colors, it’s a fixture that can be used all year round, be it for an outdoor Christmas lighting display or simply for a fun addition to your backyard dinner party.

Snowfall lighting is also a popular tree lighting technique for the holidays. As the name implies, it makes it look as if the snow is falling through the tree branches. Small LED tubes are hung in the branches then the light “drips” down the tube to create the snow effect.

Another area you simply cannot forget at the holidays is the entrance of the property. It’s the time when we most often entertain friends and family! Using lit wreathes and garlands around the door or porch columns, your home is sure to look beautifully inviting for the season’s visitors.

If you have question on lighting your property for the holidays, please reach out to your nearest Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.