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Add beauty & security to your home with outdoor lighting

Does your house disappear into the night after the sun goes down? Professional outdoor lighting can not only improve your home’s curb appeal at night, but it can also add safety and security for your family and guests.

Here are some recommended lighting design elements to consider for your home:

backyard lighting

Pathway Lightingdecorative path lighting

Energy-efficient path lights direct light downward to showcase pathways and highlight low flowerbeds. Properly illuminating pathways in your front or back yard provides peace of mind that the areas will be safe and beautiful all at the same time.

For special paths around your pool or outdoor seating, bollard lighting can provide a beautiful design detail.

Up lighting

Create that welcoming feeling in the evening hours by up lighting the façade of your home. With up lighting you can highlight those special architectural details that set your home apart or add a pop of color by highlighting trees in the front yard. A professional lighting expert will ensure your home’s lighting is even and doesn’t cause any uneven shadows.

Bistro Lighting for Outdoor Living Spaces

A well-designed lighting plan will help extend your outdoor living into all four seasons of the year. To enjoy your outdoor spaces, you need the right lighting that allows you to entertain without providing harsh glare to your guests while increasing usability and functionality of the areas. String lighting is one way you can provide warm light for your guests during outdoor events and extend the party long into the evening. Additionally, you can highlight backyard features to enjoy in the evening, such as perimeter trees to create some depth in your backyard.

Deck and Step Lighting

deck lighting

There are great options for under mount deck lights that don’t show much by day, but certainly give off a great deal of light at night. Rope lighting almost completely disappears by day when installed properly underneath a deck rail and gives off a soft glow in the evening hours. Step lighting is an ideal way to keep your stairs safe by placing lights in the stairs themselves.

Landscape Lighting

Your landscaping is one of the loveliest and most distinctive features of your home. And yet it’s probably hidden once the sun goes down—diminishing your enjoyment of the view and limiting the usability of your yard after dark. From trees and gardens to fountains and statues, landscape lighting can perfectly accentuate the most stunning features in your yard.

With all of these types of lighting, using the right fixtures is imperative. Solid copper and brass fixtures are perfect for the Florida weather as they can stand up to the elements and naturally patina over time, which blends seamlessly into the existing landscape.

From architectural lighting to landscape lighting and more, low-voltage outdoor lighting can truly transform your home into a work of art and allow you enjoy the outdoors long after the sun goes down.

New Trend in Color Lighting

multicolored house lighting

First there was halogen lighting. Then it evolved to LED technology which increased energy efficiency and longevity. Now there is a new product available in LED with color lighting—providing homeowners the flexibility to transform their home based on the time of year or special occasion.

Homeowners can now celebrate with vivid color and adjust the brightness—all from your smart phone. With the touch of a button, your home can be ready for Christmas, Halloween, or even the 4th of July. No more having to deal with strands of lights, take down and storage!

From curb appeal to fire pits and outdoor living spaces, you can bring your back yard to life with a simple change of color!