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Transformation: Augusta - Episode 2

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Watch Pam Doumar receive her free outdoor lighting design consultation and demonstration from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, and see what an amazing difference a professional outdoor lighting design plan can make. Moonlighting over her pool deck. Washes of warm outdoor illumination on her home’s exterior. Subtle, elegant beams revealing a quaint backyard cottage. And a functional, fun and festive outdoor lighting design approach for illuminating a new outdoor kitchen. It’s all part of the custom design plan and demonstration from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Video Transcription

Previously on transformation Augusta, we met Pam Dumar and heard how she needed help with her outdoor living space. Here's where the fun begins; we get to do the demonstration for the Dumars. We're going to specifically focus on an area by the pool deck that has some beautiful statues that Pam really wanted to feature as a backdrop. There's this tremendous oak tree in the backyard that gives us an opportunity to do some moonlighting over the pool deck itself. There's also a set of stairs that leads to the pool and it's literally dangerous because there's no lighting on it at all, so we're going to wash that area so that it makes it safe to be able to use those spaces. And then we had a chance to go across the garden over to the cottage area which where we're going to do just a subtle elegant wash across the front entrance of that building. So just around the corner from the cottage is the new space, the outdoor kitchen has a beautiful fireplace so it's a space they want to sit around and enjoy every evening. Problem is, no lighting, so we're going to do something that makes it effective but also fun and festive. Just beyond the outdoor kitchen is this long walkway that Pam showed us. It gives us an opportunity to do some path garden lighting and it leads right to the majestic tree fort that not only kids use, but as well as the adults. The key is that with this kind of property is to make it subtle and elegant, hide the lighting so it's not obvious and everywhere but at night give all the full effect in the atmosphere to make it fun and festive. Ok Pam, it's the moment of truth, are you ready to see your beautiful southern yard transformed? "Yes, I can't wait," ok, three, two, one, transform this yard. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful, oh I love it, it is more than I expected, it's gorgeous. I can't wait to make it permanent, can you do that for us? Absolutely, Great, next on transformation Augusta, it's time for the installation. Today is the day we're going to bring the Dumars new lighting design to life.