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Transformation: Augusta - Episode 3

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installs premium low voltage outdoor lights, and the Doumar family gets to see their outdoor lighting design plan come to life. From the corrosion-proof copper and brass outdoor light fixtures, to the automatic smart timers that turn the outdoor lights on and off each day at pre-determined times, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives meticulously completes the installation.

Video Transcription

Previously on transformation Augusta, Pam Dumar saw what her lighting could look like and was blown away, "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful" Today is the day we're going to bring the Dumar's new lighting design to life. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives across America perform more than a hundred thousand installations. We developed our own source of low voltage lighting fixtures to make sure our customers are getting the best value for their money. We use copper and brass fixtures with corrosion proof materials, LED lamps that last incredibly long, smart timers that never need reprogramming and with the addition of a server, we have the ability to remotely change any of your settings. It's all about attention to detail and giving our customers the best value for their investment. The best thing is, everything about the home will look better and they can start making more use of their time outside. It won't be long now until we're finished and I can't wait to show the Dumars their newly lit home. Next on transformation Augusta, today is Pam Dumar's first chance to show off her new outdoor lighting.