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Transformation: Augusta - Episode 4

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During the reveal, see the Doumar family welcome friends and family to see their transformed backyard, outdoor kitchen, pool, and outdoor living spaces. Watch Pam Doumar’s outdoor lighting design become a permanent fixture to her beautiful home and backyard. Hear the comments from friends and family as they react to the newly lit and transformed outdoor living area, and witness how a smooth transitional flow of illumination is balanced with a fun and festive outdoor ambiance.

Video Transcription

Previously on transformation Augusta Pat Otis and his team went to work making Pam Dumars new lighting design a permanent fixture to her home. So tonight is the night the Dumars get a show off their home's new transformation Let's check it out. I love the atmosphere of this backyard it's beautiful and I love how soft and subtle the light is. We just loved it and it's gorgeous Pam and Ray's place place has always been beautiful but the lighting just adds a special touch, so when are we going to do this at our house? Just to recap what we've done, in the pool area, we installed spotlights on the statues and the greenhouse; this will highlight them as featured background elements. Moonlighting over the pool deck allows the Dumars to use this space all night long and for added safety brick lights were recessed into the steps leading back to the house and we added a light wash on the cottage accenting the planters and the climbing exterior vine. In the outdoor kitchen area, we used wall lights around the counters and festive lights over the entire space to create a fun, casual atmosphere. To tie all the areas together, we added some additional lighting to create a smooth transitional flow from one beautiful space to another. On the long walkway, we installed path lighting to guide you straight to the tree house where we added the same festive lighting. The lights take you to the very top for an amazing view of this fabulous home. It's a stunning nighttime illumination at it's very best. Okay Pam, so what do you think? I love it I, think you've captured everything that we wanted in our beautiful southern yard and working with you and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been so professional. You have a lot of vision, you listened to us and I think that you've done everything we could have wanted and I'm so appreciative. Our guests love it, look much fun they're having. The festive lighting is fabulous so thank you thank you for listening and thank you for getting it done.We really appreciate it. When we say the night is ours, it's really about making it yours. Outdoor Lighting is all about helping you get the most from your home. Enjoying those extra hours outside with family and friends and with a free first year of proactive maintenance, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is fully committed to providing the most dedicated and responsible service in the industry. Well that does it for this series of transformation here in Augusta, Georgia We'll see you next time.