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Virginia Beach Hospitality Lighting


If your hospitality business isn’t properly illuminated after dark, then what message is it sending to potential customers? A dimly lit business looks dormant, uninviting and possibly even closed. If your business or business’ parking lot is suffering from poor lighting, then it’s time to consider professional outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach.

While every hospitality business can benefit from efficient and beautiful LED outdoor lighting, you can get unique with these ideas:

Outdoor Restaurant Lighting

What message are you sending to your diners with your outdoor lighting? Do you have outdoor lighting installed for dining outdoors? If not, you and your customers are missing out. Elegant patio lighting can create an atmosphere that keeps customers returning.

Alternatively, a dimly lit patio may keep those same customers from coming back. Subtle, elegant illumination creates a relaxing ambiance for your patrons, one that they’ll tell their friends about and include in your online reviews.

Make sure their experience is review-worthy with custom-designed-and-installed cafe or bistro lighting. Contact us to create your own unique restaurant outdoor lighting today!


What kind of experience do you want for your guests? If you’re in the service industry, then you know your customers, for the most part. You know they are paying close attention to how they’re treated, how their room looks, the overall atmosphere and especially the lighting.

If you have old, antiquated pathway and walkway lighting, or areas that have dark spots, your guests may feel unsafe walking through those areas, no matter how nice an area.

If you have elaborate, intricate illumination throughout that provides a relaxing, practical atmosphere, then your guests will remember that. The kind of outdoor lighting that makes them say, “wow” is precisely what we specialize in at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach. Reach out for hotel and resort lighting in Virginia Beach today!

Hotel courtyard

Landscape Lighting for Hospitality businesses

No matter the style or complexity of your landscape lighting needs, you can count on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach. We’ve custom-designed-and-installed dozens upon dozens of outdoor lighting systems.

Whether you’re looking for uplighting, downlighting, path lighting, water-feature lighting, or parking lot lighting, it doesn’t matter, we can handle it all. We’re a nationally backed outdoor lighting franchise that can provide your place of business with the best outdoor lighting on the market, hands down.

Illuminate Your Virginia Beach Property with our Outdoor Lighting Expertise

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor lighting systems that transform your property.

Whether you aim to create a captivating ambiance for guests or enhance your business's visibility day and night, our services deliver exceptional results. Let us bring the beauty and functionality of well-designed outdoor lighting to your Virginia Beach property.

Call for a free consultation at (757) 665-2668 or contact us online for hospitality lighting near you!

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