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Virginia Beach Tree Lighting Services

Tree Lighting Design TO Brighten Up Your Home

Every home has its unique focal point. Some have a beautiful brick façade, while others feature large, seamless windows, but for many, it’s their landscape and especially their featured trees. Tree lighting is a key component to outdoor lighting design, creating depth and concluding the overall design. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, we apply three main techniques for tree lighting.

Types of Tree Lighting Design


Spotlighting is one of the most obvious tree-lighting techniques but also one of the best. Spotlighting allows you to appreciate a statement tree all day long. Spotlighting a tree can extend your sight line further into your yard. These fixtures are installed at the base of the tree and are pointed up towards it. Installing the lights at ground level illuminates the tree in its entirety from the trunk to the tree branch.


Moonlighting is meant to subtly illuminate your tree. The goal behind moonlighting is to mirror the effect of light from the moon. These fixtures are installed high in the tree branches and positioned downward. Moonlighting is a beautiful technique for cozy outdoor fireplaces and living spaces.

virginia beach tree lighting


Shadow tree lighting adds depth and texture to your Virginia Beach home. This lighting technique focuses not only on the tree but also on the shadowing it creates. The fixtures for this technique are placed in front of the tree and are cast at an angle to place the shadow in the desired direction.

Benefits of Professional Tree Lighting Services by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

  1. Design Expertise: We have experienced designers who can create beautiful and customized lighting designs for your trees. Our expertise ensures that the lighting complements your landscape, architecture, and personal preferences.

  2. High-Quality Materials: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses high-quality lighting fixtures and components that are designed to withstand outdoor elements. This ensures that your tree lighting remains durable and long-lasting.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Our team uses energy-efficient LED lighting technology, which reduces energy consumption and lowers your long-term operating costs. LED lights also have a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  4. Safety and Durability: Our professional installers ensure that the lighting fixtures are securely and safely installed in and around your trees. This minimizes the risk of accidents, damage to the trees, and electrical issues.

  5. Customization: We offer a range of lighting options, allowing you to choose the color, intensity, and style of the lighting to match your desired aesthetic, whether it's a classic and elegant look or a more vibrant and colorful display.

  6. Maintenance and Repairs: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your tree lighting remains in optimal condition. This includes bulb replacements and fixing any technical issues that may arise.

  7. Automatic Timers and Controls: We can set up automatic timers and controls for your tree lighting, allowing you to program when the lights turn on and off. This feature enhances convenience and energy efficiency.

  8. Enhanced Curb Appeal: Professionally lit trees can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your property. Whether it's for your home or business, this can make your property more inviting and attractive to visitors.

  9. Event Impact: For special events, such as weddings, corporate functions, or holiday parties, our designers can create a magical atmosphere with our tree lighting services, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

  10. Environmental Considerations: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives practices are environmentally conscious. We use energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options, reducing your carbon footprint.

Understanding the Importance of Tree Lighting

Accentuating Natural Beauty

Trees are naturally majestic, and with the right lighting, you can accentuate their grandeur even further. The intricate patterns of the leaves, the ruggedness of the bark, and the architectural silhouette of the branches can all be highlighted beautifully with well-placed lights. When you illuminate trees, you're not just adding light to your yard; you're elevating the artistry of nature.

Seasonal Display Adjustments

Different seasons bring about different aesthetics for trees. From the blooming flowers of spring to the rich colors of autumn, tree lighting can be adjusted to suit the season. This allows homeowners in Virginia Beach to have a dynamic display that changes as the year progresses, making their property stand out in the neighborhood throughout the year.

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