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Virginia Beach Uplighting Services

Improving Your Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are many different styles you can choose from to illuminate the outside of your home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, one of our favorite outdoor lighting designs is uplighting. Uplighting casts light on your home from the ground up. It creates dramatic shadows without giving off too much light.

Accentuating Features With Uplighting

What is your favorite feature of your home? Is it your garden, your architecture, your deck, or your pathways? Whatever it might be, our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach can accentuate your home’s best features using uplighting. Uplighting can be placed around your garden and landscaping to make your flowers glow through the night. We can also use them to show off your home’s gorgeous architecture. This will also help prevent break-ins from happening. In addition, uplighting can help light your pathways so you don’t have to take any steps in complete darkness. Any areas you want to feature in your home, uplighting can transform your outdoor living space into your new favorite spot!

Principles of Uplighting Design

Uplighting is not just about placing lights at the base of an object or architecture. It's a nuanced art that requires an understanding of light intensity, angle, and dispersion. When done right, uplighting creates an atmosphere that complements the ambiance of the surrounding space.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, our team ensures:

  • Correct Angle: Positioning is crucial. The angle of the light can change how shadows play on the surface, accentuating or softening features.
  • Balanced Intensity: Too much brightness can wash out the beauty of the architecture. We strive to maintain a balance, highlighting features without overwhelming them.
  • Appropriate Light Spread: Using fixtures that provide the right spread ensures that the entire feature is illuminated, without leaving dark spots.

Enjoy the Occasion With Professional Uplighting

Whether you prefer to use your outdoor living space for entertaining guests or you just want it to look great, uplighting is perfect for any home. We can place uplighting around your home that makes your large yard feel more safe and secure or your small yard feel more inviting. Uplighting makes spending time outside at night more enjoyable for you and for guests. Experience uplighting at your home for yourself.

If you’re trying to find a professional to install uplighting for your home, call us! Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach today at (757) 665-2668 to claim your free outdoor lighting design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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