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The Benefits of Commercial Induction Lighting in Hendersonville NC

Commercial outdoor lighting is getting better and better all of the time. With gains in the technology behind energy-saving solutions like LED outdoor lighting and induction outdoor lighting the future is looking bright. Commercial clients are always looking for ways to save money and be environmentally responsible, induction lighting can meet both of those goals.


Historically speaking, commercial outdoor lighting needs have been met with inefficient HID (high intensity discharge) lighting. HID lighting was never about how good it looked, ranking very low on the CRI (color rendering index). The yellowish light that was cast in the area they illuminate immediately reminds you of the lighting in a night scene in an 80’s crime drama. When used in commercial grade high pressure sodium lamps the yellow light is even more apparent. The yellow light does not offer much in the way of clarity, whereas white light is much clearer for truer rendering of color and detail. Induction lighting can provide this increased clarity with nice white light.


The basics of induction lighting can be best understood when starting with a typical fluorescent lamp. Remove the electrodes and change the way a fluorescent lamp works and you’ve got yourself an induction light. Fluorescent lamps create light by using electrical connections, whereas induction lamps create light by transferring energy through electromagnetic fields. The science is interesting but the result is the most important part: crisp, clear white light that renders truer while it saves you money and has less impact on the environment.



There are a plethora of benefits to choosing commercial induction lighting over other kinds of outdoor commercial lighting solutions. Better looking white light that renders truer is my favorite benefit of induction lighting, but as a business owner you’ll find it very important that durability, long life, low-maintenance and lower electric bills are the top reasons for choosing commercial induction lighting for your Hendersonville business.

Take a look at the above picture, specifically look at the trees on the left, now look at the trees on the right. Which group of trees looks greener, richer and more appealing? Induction lights are built to last, able to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy vibrations these lights are great for commercial needs inside and out. Induction lamps last up to 100,000 hours, meaning replacing them will be something you rarely have to think about, which is a huge benefit when lighting areas with fixtures that are difficult to access. Induction lights are instantly on and maintain their solid performance in all weather situations. Utilizing less energy, you’ll notice the savings on your very first energy bill.

Commercial induction lighting is a perfect choice for your commercial lighting needs, offering better quality illumination, longer lasting lights and lower energy and maintenance costs. To learn more about commercial induction lighting call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC at (864) 475-9200 or email us at