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Why LED Outdoor Lighting is the Right Choice for your Hendersonville Home

All the lifestyle benefits of outdoor lighting: safety, security, increased beauty and improved function in outdoor living, at a fraction of the energy cost. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be something that runs up your electric bill each month. Thanks to improved technology in LED lighting, outdoor lighting is more obtainable than ever before.

Home with outdoor lighting

Lower Electric Bill

With energy costs on the rise, lowering the cost of utilities is a top priority for most homeowners. When it comes to running an outdoor lighting system, many people are deterred by the mislead fear that it will cost them an excessive amount of money every month to put it to good use. While going from zero lights outside to an outdoor lighting system will certainly add some cost to your electric bill each month, I can tell you about a scenario where adding outdoor lighting actually can save you money.

Few homeowners keep their home in the dark all of the time. Most homes have a couple of porch lights, a back door light and a garage light that come built in. As suggested for security and safety, you quite likely leave at least one of these lights on at night, which inevitably is left on 24/7. With an LED outdoor lighting system you can replace these lights with LED lights and Lighting Control Automation, which will ensure your lights are only on when you want them on (not during the day). With LED, the cost of running those lights will be significantly lower and you can even add more LED lights for a lovely effect while still using less energy and spending less money on your electric bill each month.

Less Energy Use

Until our local utility companies begin using renewable resources for their creation of electricity, the cost of energy will continue to rise and the depletion of the non-renewable resources will continue. It is up to all of us to make sure we are not using more of these finite resources than necessary. Whether your passion is in protecting the environment from the impacts of using these resources, lowering the rate of depletion of these precious resources or just saving yourself some money every month – using less energy is a positive thing for everyone.

Increased Capacity vs. Other Lighting Technology

When installing an outdoor lighting system we use transformers to run your outdoor lighting to your home’s electricity. These transformers have a certain Wattage capacity. The bigger the system, the more transformers your system will require. With LED outdoor lighting you can fit more lights per transformer, saving you money on the installation side. And if you already have an existing outdoor lighting system, we can retrofit it to LED to free up more space on your current transformer(s). For instance if you replace a 35 watt halogen with a 6 watt LED for the same lighting effect you will now free up 29 watts of space on that transformer. How many LEDs can you now add to your system to increase the benefits of outdoor lighting at your home? Maybe you planted a new tree or added a retaining wall since the installation of your system, with an LED retrofit you can add those much needed additional fixture without investing in additional transformers.

Whether you are interested in having an LED outdoor lighting system installed at your Hendersonville home or you are thinking about an LED retrofit for your Asheville home, give us a call at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, (828) 373-6887or email us at We look forward to lighting up your nights.