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Asheville LED Porch Lighting

Whether it is your front porch or your back porch, porch lighting is imperative to its function. Your front porch is a guest’s first impression of your home. Adding an efficient, beautiful, well-functioning porch light is key to creating a warm welcome. While front porches are a popular hangout space here in the south, don’t neglect the back porch. Adding LED porch lighting can help you gain function in your backyard for entertaining, relaxing and just enjoying the gorgeous mountain views.


Your front porch is the entryway to your lovely home. Create a warm welcome and a great first impression with LED porch lighting. While it is common to hang a decorative sconce next to your door and call it a day, the expert lighting design team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC can do one better. We’ll illuminate all the lovely features of your front porch, not just your door. With lovely posts, an interesting roofline and a lovely pathway leading in, we’ll subtly illuminate the entire front porch to exhibit your curb appeal and guide visitors to the door.


Whether you have a deck, porch or patio for your backyard entertaining, we’ll make sure you can use it day or night. Your back porch is where you grill, enjoy a meal al fresco or enjoy an evening cocktail while the kids run around the yard. With help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, we can make sure the setting sun doesn’t chase you indoors. Back porch lighting is perfect for summer barbecues, bonfires, and special events but it can also set a perfect mood for a quiet evening with the one you love.

Call today for a free nighttime demonstration to find out what porch lighting can do for your outdoor lifestyle. (864) 475-9200