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Cincinnati Home and Garden Show 2010

The Cincinnati Home and Garden Show is by far the best landscape show in southern Ohio. We have been a part of this show for over 12 years now. When we first started out we were the only landscape lighting customer in the show. Now we are a part of a group of over 30 that does landscape lighting. We have branched out now to a new business (Patio Supply & Mosquito Squad) so instead of our focus this year being just lighting, we are going to showcase all of the products and services that we are associated with installed into a real environment. One of the newest additions is our LED outdoor lighting. We want the consumer to see how our products look and act in real life not just a booth with pictures. We have teamed up with one of the best contractors in the greater Dayton / Cincinnati area this year. Fullmer’s Landscaping has been in business for over 25 years and is a family owned and operated company. Fullmers has some of the most elaborate landscape designs in the business, and their style is noticeable to anyone. Their use of boulders and natural elements is amazing. Reuben Huffman (Designer) has drawn renderings of our booth, and I wanted to share them on our blog to hopefully get everyone excited about this year’s display.

Outdoor garden

Pond less waterfall

This year we have incorporated the water feature and the built in grill to give our space more of an entertaining environment. Water Features are one of the most popular add-ons to landscapes right now. With the economy in a rebound, a simple “Pond-less Waterfall” can be an inexpensive way to add the water element to a design. Also, for most individuals, an entire outdoor kitchen can be expensive and may not bring as much value to the property as just a simple built in grill and some counter space for conversation or dining.

We would love for everyone to come out and visit us at the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show. If you need a map for the show they are available online. We will have plenty of time to help you because it is an all day event, so bring whatever plans for your back yard that you have, and let’s work together to make them happen. Our booth numbers are G-15, G-16, and G-17.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Patio Supply, and Mosquito Squad are happy to help you reclaim your backyard and turn it into an Outdoor Living Space.

About the Author: Jim Hilliard

I started Outdoor Lighting Perspectives back in 1995, since then we have franchised and now have over 35 offices around the country. Our business has grown to what it is today because of our extraordinary service. Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.