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New LED Flush Mounted Lights

LED flush mounted lights

We have recently added a new line of LED flush-mounted lights to our products manufactured by In-Lite. These new LED lights are mounted into decks, concrete pavers, natural stone, and more. They are easy to install with their new “Plug and Play” connection system. These landscape lights run off our existing 12-volt, low-voltage landscape lighting systems. They can easily be added after the fact, and we are expecting these new lighting fixtures to be very popular in 2010. They can be used as marker lights or wash lights for walls and columns. Just like all of our other LED lights they have an estimated 100,000-hour burning capacity and should not burn out. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is giving you a 10 years warranty on all of In-Lite’s fixtures if they are installed with our system by our installation specialists.


If you have any questions about these new lights call our office and ask to speak to a sales representative. These lights are available as part of all Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installations, but can also be purchased at Patio Supply if you have any interest in installing them yourself. More information on all the models and specifications is available on In-Lite’s website.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Patio Supply, and Mosquito Squad are happy to help you reclaim your backyard and turn it into an Outdoor Living Space.

About the Author: Jim Hilliard

I started Outdoor Lighting Perspectives back in 1995, since then we have franchised and now have over 35 offices around the country. Our business has grown to what it is today because of our extraordinary service. Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.